How to Pamper Tired Skin


Skin can feel and look tired, but this is fixable by making time for a special skincare routine to pamper it a bit. You can do a lot with your everyday skincare routine, but sometimes your skin just needs a little extra love.

Here are a few treatment steps you can take to help pamper tired skin and help it feel refreshed:

- Steam your face 

Not only is steaming your face relaxing, it also helps to reduce inflammation on the skin and prepare it for treatments. You can use a steamer device, or simply get a warm washcloth and hold that over your face. 

- Apply an overnight mask

You can make a difference for your skin. Your skin takes the overnight time to rejuvenate, and why not give it a boost and let your skincare really work while you sleep! An overnight mask like the Blue Lagoon mineral mask for example is the perfect option so you can wake up with refreshed skin. Just remember to use a silk pillowcase and/or sleep on your back as best as you can so the product doesn’t rub off on your pillow! 

- Apply a serum

A serum is a way you can implement a targeted skincare step into your routine to give your skin a little TLC. Many people find it beneficial to use a hydrating serum like hyaluronic acid and one like vitamin C for that glowy and even skin tone. 

- Use a massaging tool

A massaging tool helps to improve the circulation in your face, and it can also help reduce the amount of stress that you carry in your face. A massage tool like a face roller or gua sha tool can be incredibly impactful to help you in this step, or you can simply use your fingers for a little face massage. An extra bonus is that this step can help skincare products absorb into your skin as the tool presses the skincare deeper. 

- Do a lip scrub

As you take care of your skin, don’t forget about your lips! Exfoliated lips feel and look better, and it is worth a quick step to do a lip scrub. There are lip scrubs out there with ingredients such as granulated sugar to help exfoliate, and you can also get small tools with a rough exfoliating edge for a quicker exfoliation. Apply your favorite nourishing lip product afterwards, and you’ll love how soft your lips feel! Do this on a weekly basis if possible and you’ll really notice the difference over time.

If you have the means, you can even treat yourself to spa treatments and a facial by a professional. That way you can get tailored skincare treatments done recommended by a specialist that sees, feels and understands your skin on an ongoing basis.

written in collaboration with Hanna Johnson

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