Some Things That Will Make Your Space Look Smaller'


Just because you live in a small space does not mean that you have to feel cramped and claustrophobic all of the time. However, many of us are doing various things that will make our homes seem smaller all of the time.

Below are some common home decor mistakes that might be making your beautiful 1 bedroom apartment, loft, or tiny home look even smaller than it really is right now, which you should probably avoid.

Too little lighting

The more light there is in a small space, the more open and spacious it will seem. So, if you do not have lots of natural light flooding in, you need to make sure you have lots of lamps and light fittings in each room, and that you use them to make the space seem bigger whenever you need to.

Having too much stuff

Clutter is the killer of small spaces. It will make them seem much more cramped, dark, and claustrophobic than they really are because your stuff will take up more floor space, more wall space, and more of your headspace too. If you can't be minimalist, then at least get rid of anything that is not essential to your life or that you do not really enjoy having in the space because you will probably find that you enjoy the feeling of spaciousness more than the stuff.

Putting things on the floor

Okay, so you can’t exactly sus[ecnd your couch or the kitchen table from the wall, but you can mount lights and shelving units from the walls and hang plants from the ceiling, for example, and doing so is a good way to free up more floor space, which will make you feel like you have more room in your home. So, if it doen;t have to go on the floor don’t put it there.

Using dark colors

If you really love dark colors, then go ahead and use them, but if you are open to a more light, neutral color scheme, there is no denying that it will make your space feel a whole lot bigger because it will reflect the light better and have a naturally more light and airy feel to it. 

Hanging your curtains too low

Most of us hang our curtains just above the top of the windows, but if you want your rooms to feel bigger, then hanging them higher up the wall and letting them come all the way down to the floor will give the illusion that your rooms are taller than they are and you will feel like the place is more spacious as a result.

Too much color and too many patterns

There’s a lot to be said for having an eclectic decor with lots of different colors and patterns included in the paint and the furnishings and the accessories, but it can end up making the room look too busy which makes it feel more cramped, so balance your desire for color and pattern with your wish for spaciousness and limit it to two or three different choices.

Small spaces can be beautiful and they can feel more spacious than they really are but only if you avoid doing things, including those above, that will make them seem more cramped.

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