what I thought marriage would be vs what it is

Today is the day we first met 27 years ago :)

This coming May, we will be married 22 years. 

To be honest marriage is nothing like I imagined but yet it's w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l and so much better.

I thought marriage would be: 

-Roses delivered weekly.  Instead I get them at surprise moments which is so much more romantic. 
-Kisses, hugs, make out sessions 24/7
-Lingerie and sex every day and night like the newlywed stage 
-No arguing 
- spending all your free time together

The fairytale wedding is over and the realities of married life are sinking in. Are you missing the "happily ever after"?

Instead Marriage is 
- a text in the day to check in 
- walking to the Operating room door, saying a prayer over me and the drs
- learning to braid my hair while I was recovering from lung surgery 
- driving me to and from apts, interviews, random shopping trips 
- random teading to make me giggle 
- acting silly together 
- road trips, holding hands even at 22 years in.
- waking me every morning so I don't over sleep 
- arguing ( heated discussions)  but always making up 
- praying together 
- cleaning the floors for me every week before small group.
- grocery shopping because I didn't want to go after a long day at work
- vacations together and having a wonderful time.
- booking hotel rooms when my dr tells me I need to disconnect from the world. 
- putting up with grumpy me 
- first person I kiss in the morning 
- last kiss at night 
- my best friend 
- my advice giver 

I feel like the most blessed person in the world to be married to my love ♥️

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