10 ways to make sure your marriage stays strong

Being married is such a blessing, but it sure has its hardships. No marriage is ever perfect, and it can be rough when you feel like yours has to be. But, every marriage can be happy, if you’re willing to work at it. When you both love each other, you obviously want each other to be happy. But that can be hard to execute when you’re suffering from stress, or you just seem to be going through a rough patch. However, it’s definitely going to help you here to realize that you’re not alone, and that you can get through those tough times by being proactive.

Because, yes, you can take the future of your marriage into your own hands to make sure it stays strong. Of course, it’s not something that you can do alone, but you should definitely make sure that you’re doing your bit. If you know that you’re actively trying to keep your husband happy and your marriage on track, then you can feel confident that you’re being the best wife you possibly can be - and the rest is on him. From kind gestures to mindful actions, here are ten different ways that you could work on your marriage to make sure it stands the test of time.

Be Thoughtful

One of the first things that you should aim to do on a regular basis is try to be a thoughtful wife. Luckily for us all, as women, this tends to be something that does come quite naturally to us. It’s quite easy for women to want the best for their husbands, and to do things that will make them happy. But if for some reason you do struggle with this, great ideas to show thoughtfulness can be to thank you, respect his opinions, and just to do little things that he likes too, like heat his socks in the morning.

Be Selfless

At the same time, it also helps if you can try to be selfless sometimes too. Again, this is another kind of character that we as women tend to have. It comes with the sort of motherly nature that we have. But it’s not always easy to execute when you’re mad or frustrated. However, if you can do things for him, even when you don’t want to (like watch his favorite team or visit his friends), he will make the effort to do them for you too.

Make A Kind Gesture

From here, you could also think about the odd kind gestures you can make too. These aren’t things that we’re all comfortable with, but they can be really thoughtful and just show that you care and you’re grateful to have them in your life. By carrying out little surprises for them, like putting something sweet in their lunch, or recording their favorite TV show, it just shows that you are thinking of them.

Keep A Happy Home

Up next, you’re going to want to focus on having a happy home, and this can be in two ways. Firstly it’s so that you have a home that doesn’t cause you more stress due to it being in a mess (because we never want that to add to any frustrations we have), but also to help facilitate your happiness. Because there are small ways that our homes can really help to make us happy if we let them.

Make Romantic Meals

And what about making romantic meals for each other once a week or once a month if you’re both super busy? You could order lobsters and shrimp from somewhere such as Citarella and really make something special. Or you could take it in turns to do a weekly meal that you know each other will love. It’s easy to say thank you with food.

Think Before You Speak

But it’s not just the things that you do that will make the difference, but the things you don’t do. Because we all have moments where we want to say certain things or let out our frustrations. But that never gets us anywhere. So instead of losing your temper or saying something you don’t mean, try to think before you speak and pause before you cause a scene. Holding your tongue will always go a long way in a marriage.


And, of course, we all know that compromise is hugely important to keep your marriage strong and happy. You may not want to do certain things, nor will he. But if you’re going to live together happily and harmoniously, you have to be willing to compromise. This will often be that one key thing that keeps your marriage together when times get tough.

Take Some Time Out

It might sound crazy, but you may both need a bit of space every once in awhile too. Because space is good in a relationship. If you live in each other's pockets, you’re bound to argue and find things to get frustrated over. And while you won’t be able to avoid those things forever, a bit of space every now and again will allow you to regroup. Remember, absence makes the heart grow fonder.


Another key idea to keeping your marriage on track is communication. This can be hard if one of you isn’t particularly happy with opening up. But it’s essential if you want things to be happy and successful for decades to come. These tips on better communication could also help you both to open up and communicate more effectively going forwards too.

Express Love

Finally, it’s worth remembering that a little love goes a long way. And of course you love each other, but we’re talking about the expression of love too. Because being comfortable with each other isn’t always enough. You have to show each other that you love each other. From kissing and saying I Love You to getting intimate, you will find that it’s these things that bind you together like nothing else can. And that’s how you’ll be able to stand the best of time on top of everything else.

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