Holiday house prep in time for guests

Having a baby is like voluntarily setting off a hand grenade in the middle of your life, and smiling when it all explodes. Before you had kids, you were carefree. Weekends were for lounging around in pyjamas and enjoying late brunches. Now? Now you get up before the sunrise most days, corralling and cajoling to get things done, to keep things in a routine and to keep everyone in the house happy and stress-free. Jobs and chores that were routine and easy are now planned with military precision, and as we approach the run up to the holidays, it’s likely you’re considering thinning down the ‘stuff’ that seems to accumulate everywhere in the house when you have a family. Kids are a wonderful blessing, but they come with a lot of messes!
Don’t panic, though. Getting your house organised for the holidays doesn’t have to be a huge chore. When you have the internet, friends and good family network around you, getting a house organised that is usually in chaos can be an enjoyable experience. It’s easy to stick to clearing out the house once a year in the spring, but generally, the holidays mean guests and guests mean house clearing is an essential. If you want to save yourself a lot of time, you could hire in Big Man Movers to help you move excess furniture into storage. Otherwise, check out the list of jobs you should get done to prepare your house for the holidays, so you can have a festive period that is fun instead of difficult to manage.
Get Help! You don’t need a cleaner, you’ve got two hands that you can use to get the house cleaned. However, when it comes to clearing you need some help and thankfully, you’ve got people around you. If you get the children involved with sorting through some of their own things, you can free up the time to get into the rest of the house.
Toys. The holidays are a time for giving, and if your house is already full to bursting with games, toys and crafts, it’s time to get the children involved in thinning down the toys and games to give to charity. There are plenty of schemes, churches and charity stores that would be grateful for the donations right before the season, and you get your house cleared and ready for the next instalment of Christmas gifts.
Kitchen. Your kitchen and dining areas are going to be the most used areas in the house if you have guests coming, so you need to go through your kitchen and get it cleaned from top to bottom. This includes clearing out the pantry and checking the dates on those spices and herbs. You’d be surprised how many of those go out of date without you noticing!
The holidays are supposed to be a time of fun and laughter, so if you get the entire family involved in making your house a decorated home, you can enjoy your holidays with no stress.

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