The House Guest Handbook: Ensure They Keep Coming Back!

Having people to stay, be it friends or family is such a pleasant and worthwhile experience. Especially if you live a long distance away from them, as it may be the only time you get to see each other and really spend that quality one on one time. However, to get people to give up the comfort of their own bed and their own homes you need to get your place in order. With this in mind, read on for some advice on the key areas you need to address to ensure your house guests keep coming back.


One of the main issues, when it comes to the comfort of your house guests, is privacy. That means providing a separate space for them to live in while they are in your home, such as a guest room.

A single night, or possibly two may be just about doable on an airbed on the floor, but for most house guests any longer will start to feel uncomfortable. Not to mention the fact that it's likely to put your family out as well. Something that means if you want regular visitors an official guest room is a must.

Making them comfortable

Comfort is a big thing when someone is away from home, and all the little details that you can attend to really matter for your guest. That doesn't mean that you have to be like Monica from friends and have 12 sets of fancy guest towels and leave a pillow on their mint each day though!

Travel size toiletries are a great option for your guests. Image here

Instead attend to things such as providing a set of toiletries in your guest bathroom, as well as a space to hang their clothes, so they aren't living out of a suitcase. Installing radiant floor heating in the guest room, something any good heating company can do is also a great idea. Then if they like it a little warmer than you're used to, they can ensure their room is heated to the right temp, and get a great night's sleep. All without making the rest of the household sweat unnecessarily.

Compromise and scheduling

It can be easy for us to get set in our ways in our own home. We like to eat at a certain time, watch the same things on TV, and head up to bed the same time every night.

However, it can be a little different when you have folks come to stay, because their routines may not match up with yours. Some families deal with this by providing a schedule of what happens when, as this can be really useful when you can't be flexible with certain timings like who gets to use the bathroom in the morning, or if you need to feed the children at a certain time.

Although, it is worth remembering that a little comprises goes a long way when welcoming someone into your home. Something that means if you absolutely don't have to keep to an exact schedule, it's worth considering being a little flexible for the benefit of your guests.

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