Creating a Comfortable Home for the Winter Season

With Winter coming soon, it’s about time we start to take comfort in the home seriously. A cosy home is really all we need to feel warm, comfortable and happy in our homes. If you don’t plan to do much travelling this year over the winter, then here are a couple of suggestions to keep both your home and your body nice and toasty throughout the chilly weather.

Get your heating sorted out

First thing’s first, get in touch with professionals like Farnen & Dermer heating system installation and make sure your heating is working. The last thing you want is a chilly home with no central heating. No amount of blankets and clothing will save you from a chilly winter, so focus on this as a priority!

Stock up on hot drinks

Hot chocolate, tea, coffee and even chicken soup can be perfect for the winter. The easier it is to make, the better. Instant varieties are perfectly acceptable, but nothing beats a homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows after tasty winter meal. Staying warm in the cold season means keeping your body warm, which is why drinking something hot is so effective.

Buy a few extra blankets

Whether it’s simple blankets or sleeved blankets, make sure you buy a couple extra and keep them in baskets close to heat sources to keep them nice and warm. Then when you’re feeling cold, simply reach into the basket, grab a blanket, and wrap yourself up for a quick and comfortable boost of heat.

Seal all the drafts

The exterior of your home is also important during the Winter season. Make sure you check around the exterior of your home to seal up any drafts and patch up holes where rodents can get in. The warmer your home is, the more attractive it is for pests.

Get the family around the table for board games

A comforting family activity to have during the holiday season is to play a board game together. Gather around the fire with a board game on the carpet and you’ll have many hours of enjoyable fun. Buy several board games if you want some variety and you’ll be pretty much set for entertainment over a couple of weeks.

Clear out the fireplace and make use of it

If your home has a fireplace, make use of it. Clear out the chimney before you use it, make sure the area around the fireplace is cleared out so the flames don’t burn anything and start heating it up. Fireplaces give off a wonderfully cosy and comfortable feeling, so don’t neglect them if you have one in your home that’s being unused.

Buy thicker bed covers

Finally, bed covers. Bedtime can get fairly chilly if you don’t thicken up those bed covers. Throwing on an extra blanket or two can work, but using thicker bed sheets is usually the better answer, and you can always swap them out when it starts to get warm again and keep them for next year.

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