Get Outdoors to Improve Your Healthy Lifestyle

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The great outdoors, fresh air and long walks - could you ask for anything better? Our lives are so sedentary and screen-based these days that the outside world seems to be more of a dream than a reality!

It seems that in this modern age, we have lost something, a connection to the outside world that kept us grounded for so many generations. The seasons don't mean quite as much when the stores can just import foods from around the world or use other methods to force out of season growth. In fact, apart from the switch to sweaters from swimsuits, are you really watching the weather change?

If you want to improve your lifestyle and really take control of your health and well-being, getting outside - even when it’s pouring with rain - will benefit you in ways you might not have expected. Rather than relying upon your will power to change your unhealthy habits, get out into the fresh air to kickstart your new regime and create new healthy habits instead.

Go For a Walk

Walking is the best thing you can do for all sorts of aches and pains. It gets the blood moving, your muscles working and your fitness improving. If you have back pain, walking is the perfect way to gently stretch out and work those muscles without risking any detrimental affects that more vigorous exercise might have. Build up your walks gradually from a stroll around the block to a full day outdoors.

A family walk is a great way to spend an afternoon together looking at the sights and chatting about all sorts of things. Take the time to get to know each other and enjoy a distraction-free conversation. You could even take some healthy snacks along and turn your walk into a picnic.

Go Boating

For utter relaxation and calm, water is just the thing. There is something about taking a boat out onto a lake that really puts you in touch with nature. Something about bobbing up and down and listening to the quiet just works. Rowing is a good way to strengthen your shoulders but trolling motors are ideal for when you get tired of all that pulling!

Take a fishing rod or just sit and enjoy the view for an afternoon of peaceful bliss. Really live in the moment and let your stresses and worries ebb slowly away.

Go Team!

A team sport is great if you want to combine your fitness with your social life. Team sports are everywhere and there’s sure to be a sport that you can get involved with. Having a group all playing with you will boost your motivation and push you just a bit further than you might go alone. You will also benefit from new friendships and skills you thought you’d left behind at high school!

Getting outside and finding new ways to get in touch with nature will really help you to maintain a healthy outlook on life. Give yourself the time to go up a hill with your family or schedule a team practise each week - whatever it is, now is your chance to reclaim your fitness and get out into the world.

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