Office Remodeling With Productivity in Mind

The right motivation of our employees has always been the key to their productivity. Today there are many situations where people feel like they’re slaves and their office is not an exception. Many of them are not motivated at all because they look at their jobs as some boring or hard (or both) tasks they have to complete every day in order to survive. In other words, office work becomes a routine and employees start to feel repulsion, which results in a decrease in their productivity. Some company directors try to fix this loss of interest with rewards and bonuses, but this ‛money-makes-the-world-go-round’ technique has a very short effect. If you want to increase productivity you need to start thinking about how your employees feel on the job, and your best tool to boost their positive emotions is their working space.

                        Paint a smile

When you have to decide in which color to paint the walls of your office it’s not just about the aesthetics. Of course, your office design should be pleasant to the eye, but that doesn’t mean it has to look like it popped out from a magazine. The worst thing you can do is to follow the latest trends because they are not taking care about the feeling of your employees. For example, red wall color is all the rage right now, but this color tends to make people nervous and sometimes even aggressive. Your goal is to make your employees feel happy and relaxed because that leads to productivity. This is why you need to get yourself familiar with the psychology of colors in order to put a smile on the faces of your employees.

                        Decorate with care

Another wrong thing you can pick up in various magazines is a large number of decorations. While some decorations can be really useful when it comes to the need to increase productivity, too many of them can produce quite the opposite effect and kill it off completely. Your employees already have enough distractions with them that they carry to work every day such as laptops, tablets, phones, etc. They can barely handle all of these, and if you bring in decorations without any concept just to cover blank walls and desks, their attention will split to pieces and their motivation to work will evaporate. You need to make the workplace that will motivate them to be productive, not overload their senses with the bunch of kitschy stuff. If decorations are important to you, maybe the best idea is to hire an interior designer.

Use the nature

When you want to ignite positive emotions in your employees with an office design it’s good to think about the one thing that has always been closely connected with the well-being of every person - the nature. Try to reproduce that feeling in a closed space, incorporate the elements of nature in your design. Having plants and going eco-friendly is always a good idea, but the best thing you can get from nature is light. Natural light reduces stress and gets your employees in a calm and relaxed state. Besides that,  you’ll produce a nice view that is always better than any artwork or decoration. If there isn’t a possibility for a view and your company is surrounded by taller buildings, you’ll have to include artificial light. But be careful, most of the people try to hard to create an atmosphere and end up creating a small discotheque that is good just for giving headaches to everyone inside. If you must use artificial light, use it to imitate the natural one.


   Make way

One of the most important thing when it comes to the productivity of your employees is the possibility of free circulation. That is the biggest factor that creates the sense of freedom. We said at the beginning that people in the office can feel like slaves and that can come from the fact that your office is filled with clutter. If they don’t have enough free room to circulate, they’ll start to feel like caged animals. It’s important for every company to have various and up to date equipment, but you mustn’t allow your tools to take away the freedom of movement of your employees. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to say goodbye to some of your tools, you can simply choose from various Supereasystorage solutions that will keep them by hand and ready to use, but without the possibility of someone breaking a neck over them.

When it comes to office design there are no rules, just tips as presented here. You need to keep in mind that every employee is an individual and has different needs. Get to know all of them, listen what they have to say, and that way you’ll get the best idea how to design their working surrounding in order to boost their productivity.

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