Weekend Recap

Well hello there my long time friends of the weekend recap kind. 

Friday: Treatment day. I always hurt badly after but it does seem to be helping some what, my new Dr is working out well for me.  Went to lunch with a co worker and did a little "me" shopping. 
After work I came home and took a Friday evening nap, then we had a game night at the church, it was fun, even though I am not a game person, I laughed a lot and it was good for me. It was nice to hang out with my favourite people. 

Saturday: Cleaned house, hung out at home, then went to town to get groceries and to meet a friend that I have gotten to know online, she was in town so we wanted to meet up for lunch and some shopping, she has the cutest little 2 year old and a baby in her tummy baking away. Thank you for coming to see me Jaime. 

This was my Unicorn drink at Eastside Mario's, it was so yummy 

Sunday: We did our normal Sunday thing. Church, family lunch, nap, church, then heartland. 

How about you, how was your weekend? 

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  1. I am so glad you brought back your weekend recaps. I enjoy reading what you've been up to. My weekend was relaxing. Spent most of Saturday in bed catching up on sleep and then Sunday, I also had a family lunch and then later that day we went to see Thor. It was pretty good.


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