The 5 Things You Must Have In Your Home By Age 30

Once you have a house, then it is time to make it a home. What you have in your home says a lot about you, and a lot about what you value and enjoy. So you want to choose the things that you like and think look good. Don’t just go for a minimal Scandi look in the home if you’re all about florals and pastel colours, for example. But if you’re looking for some inspiration as you make your house become the home you want it to be, then here are some ideas for you. Hopefully, they will give you some ideas and you can get decorating soon.


Art is something that is pretty much timeless. It can stay in your home for a lifetime and it can often remind you of a certain time or place. So artwork, in whatever for you fancy, can be a great thing to have up on your walls. It could be pieces that you create or replicas of some famous pieces. Even some photography or black and white photography could look good on your walls. Art doesn’t have to cost a lot; it just needs to speak out to you.


Bookshelves in all of their forms, are a great way to express yourself and share all that is you. Of course, some books can be on there that are your go-tos. But small trinkets and accessories are also a good idea to have on the bookshelf. You can change it up over time and a your tastes change. But a well made bookshelf or three are great to have at home.

Best Bath Towels

It can sound like such a small thing; but bath towels are important for you, as well as to guest that come to your home. Having a couple of sets of bath towels that you love to use, as well as ones that you’re happy for guests to use is a must for your bathroom at home.

Wall Decor

As well as framed art pieces or prints, some other wall decor is also a must. What you choose can show your personality and inject some color into the room too. A photo wall is pretty popular, sharing photographs from different times and events in all shapes and sizes. But you could also frame or display anything that you love. Achieved something at work? Frame it and display it. Have a favorite guitar that you no longer use but can’t throw out? Display it on your wall. The same thing goes for things like vinyl records of your favorite bands or from something meaningful like your wedding song. Luckily, there are stores like Nationwide Disc where you can still get vinyl records; they can be so few and far between at the moment. In an office or a bedroom, things like this could look really fun.


Even if you’re renting, having some greenery in the home can make such a difference. A house plant, succulents, or a tall indoor tree could all be good ideas. They add color so can really brighten up a space.

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  1. I can definitely say that I'm good with four out of the five above. I need to get my hands on some nice bath towels. The ones I have are alright but I think they can be better.


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