Helping your kids to exercise safely

Every parent knows that their child sleeps better and performs better at school when their diet is right. It is actually quite difficult to ensure that your kids get enough of the good stuff though. In fact, it can become a running battle at mealtimes. But if your kids love playing outside and being active, they need to be eating more healthy choices, not necessarily more food. Of course, being active isn’t always the same as adequately exercising.

When it comes to kids exercising, there are a lot of physical concerns you need to be aware of. For a start, the bones aren’t fully developed until later in life. In boys, full physical maturity of the skeleton might not happen until they’re 25! Make sure your child’s skull is always protected when they’re climbing, cycling, or riding a scooter. The top of the head is very vulnerable until the skull is fully fused after the age of 8.

Yoga has become a very popular activity for health-conscious adults. It is also finding its way into schools to help children focus and improve their physical health. It’s important to remember that many of the poses we enjoy are not always safe for little ones. For a start, balance is not great for tiny tots. And wrists are not usually strong enough for heavy weight bearing until the teenage years.

It’s worth spending quality time with your children as they exercise or enjoy fun activities. It’s a good way to spot any problems with their development. You might notice your child only sleeps on one side. Perhaps they have pain in their pelvis when they run? These might be signs of hip problems, according to Dr. Daniel C. Allison, a pediatric musculoskeletal expert. If your child isn’t quite reaching the same milestones as his peers, it’s worth chatting with your doctor.

Another way to spend quality time with your kids is to enjoy activities and exercises together. You can usually find fun dancercise sessions to do together on YouTube. You might even go out cycling together. Why not play soccer against a neighbor family on a Sunday afternoon? There are plenty of ways you can enjoy time together that will benefit the health of all the family. This can help instil healthy lifestyle habits for life in your children.

Lead by example when you are exercising or enjoying activities. Always wear the appropriate attire and safety gear. It’s always good to introduce new sports and activities but remember that children aren’t as tough as us. They might need additional safety equipment and a variation of the game that is easier and safer for them to enjoy.

All of this activity will make your kids hungry, and it will probably help them sleep better at night. This is where you can help them to make even more healthy choices. A full night of quality sleep rests the body and mind to reduce mistakes made when exercising the next day. And healthy food feeds the body with the energy it needs to keep the fun going. 

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