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What’s the up-and-coming avocado toast of the hipster foodie community? And how has the slow food revolution affected restaurants and chefs around the globe? We’ve all grown tired of the pre-packed, pre-made, processed meals, and we yearn for the good old days of yore, that smell of freshly baked bread andthe feast ritual. Without further ado, here’s what the world has in the pantry for us!

Bite-sized sweets
Yum. That’s how they look, taste, crunch under your teeth and feel when you bask in their sumptuous flavor. I’ve always been a fan of mini cupcakes, and the macaroon craze had me at hello, but this is a whole new take on the healthy food that meets emotional meaning. 

A perfect example? Ben Shewry’s storytelling tarts, served in the suburbs of Melbourne, in the Attica restaurant. These three-per-serving tarts are crafted with local people, and local ingredients in mind. And as such, they reverberate to the tales of the area’s history, all neatly wrapped in tasty, fine-crafted bites.

The rise of the spirits
A hop across the globe takes us straight to the birthplace of the manliest drink ever created, the Scottish whisky and its infamous sibling, gin, but this time with a modern, urban twist. Newly-opened distilleries in cities such as Edinburgh and Glasgow aim for the lovers of artisan spirits that were locally made, with unusual flavors. 
But they are not alone – a single look at our own spirits-loving hood, and you’ll see craft spirits shops and distilleries popping up as we speak all over Australia and the US.

Artisan butchery
If you’re still having doubts about the slow food revolution, and the mega-market craze (ironically) slowly passing into oblivion, then the renewed love for artisan butcheries will eliminate all your suspicions. They are everywhere, they are unique, creative, and they are here to stay. 

As someone who loves meatless Mondays, I’m a benevolent carnivore with a deep appreciation for meaty meals, with access locally-produced quality meats from the best butcher in Sydney delivered to my doorstep. And the trend is omnipresent over the world, as people want to know the origin of their meat, its quality, and they once again prefer ethical production.

Brunch over dinner
Bring out your inner hipster and don’t take him out to dinner – take him out to brunch instead. This midday meal has become an absolute favorite among many Sydneysiders, and I’d take an educated guess by saying that Europe and the US aren’t too far behind. 

Take, for instance, the majestic Faro in Brooklyn where handmade pasta reign, and their brunch menu is the epitome of comfort food. Many restaurants also choose lunch specials to give their midday menu more versatility, and people are gladly taking that afternoon break from the typical nine-to-five hustle.

Sugar and flour alternatives
Ah, the two main ingredients of all the sweet goodness we’ve ever tasted, from muffins to good old cookies, traditional sugar and flour have gone through a remake of sorts, to be replaced with healthier, nutrient-dense alternatives. 

Coconut sugar, stevia as a sugar substitute, almond-meal, spelt, and the like, are all finding their special spot in every chef’s kitchen. Luckily, it’s also a trend that’s permeating the home cooking sphere, as in this delicious almond loaf cake, so those who prefer to stay in no longer have the excuse not to choose the healthier, nutrient-richer variety.

Everything spicy
Plain popcorn? No, thank you. What about chocolate ice cream? Still not good enough. It’s time to bring out the big guns in the world of flavors, and mix and match even those that seem the least likely of all. This is where India, China and other corners of the Orient have started infusing the rest of the world with their imaginative aromas. 

Turmeric has become an absolute, all-time favorite in breakfast omelets, while a visit to California-based McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream shop can give you a taste of cardamom-enriched scoops, but you can also go for the more daring tastes of whisky, or the Thanksgiving-inspired pumpkin pie. 

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