17 Bright Ideas to Get Your Floors Cleaner Than Ever

Everyone has floors in their home that they have to keep clean, although what they're made of can vary. Whether you have floors made of hardwood, stone, bamboo or something else, getting them clean can be a struggle. As soon as they seem clean, they're almost immediately dirty again. If you want to get your floors cleaner than ever, try some of these tips.

1. Use the right vacuum cleaner

Make sure you have a powerful vacuum cleaner that can reach wherever you need it to go, with an air filter.

2. Try using a steam mop

A steam mop can be excellent for getting floors super clean. But check you can use it on your floors first.

3. Have your carpets cleaned professionally

A company like Electrodry Carpet Cleaning can do a professional job on your carpets, which can be difficult to get clean.

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4. Automate your vacuuming with a robot

Get a robot vacuum cleaner, like a Roomba, if you need to have your floors constantly vacuumed. It can clean all day.

5. Don't forget about sweeping

You might have a vacuum cleaner, but don't forget about the power of sweeping with a broom or brush.

6. Give it a proper scrub

Getting on your hands and knees might not be dignified, but it is often a good way of putting some elbow grease into floor cleaning.

7. Wash rugs regularly

If you have any rugs, don't just vacuum them. Try to beat them too and wash them if you can.

8. Prevention is better than cure

Try to prevent dirty floors by setting some house rules. For example, no shoes inside will help to keep floors cleaner.

9. Do your daily diligence

If you have a busy house, it doesn't hurt to do a bit of cleaning each day. Pick and wipe up after yourself.

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10. Pay attention to pets

If you have furry pets, get a vacuum cleaner designed for picking up fur. Make sure they're clean when they come inside too.

11. Have a variety of tools on hand

Keep an arsenal of floor cleaning tools so that you always have something useful on hand to tackle any job.

12. Keep water away from laminate

Laminate floors should ideally be swept or vacuumed, not mopped. You can spot clean with a mop if necessary.

13. Know your type of hardwood floors

Make sure you know if your hardwood floor is sealed or not. You can use a damp mop on a sealed floor, but keep water away from waxed floors.

14. Use vinegar, soap and water for vinyl floors

Mix vinegar and soap with water and spray on vinyl floors. Wipe the moisture away with a cloth as you go.

15. Be careful cleaning stone

Use a pH-neutral cleaner to clean stone. If your stone floors are unsealed, just use water and a microfibre mop.

16. Clean porcelain tiles gently

Spray and gently mop your tiles for regular cleaning. If you want a deep clean, a steam mop is a good idea.

17. Don't use too much water

Avoid using too much water when you clean your floors. You should make sure your mop is only damp, not drenched.

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