Creating a beautiful low maintenance garden: 4 tricks

If you want a stunning garden to make people go, ‘wow!’ but you don’t want to spend hours each week taking care of it, you’ve come to the right place. Gardening is a joy and can even help to reduce stress levels, but it may not be something you want to spend all of your time doing.

Here, we’re going to discuss creating a beautiful low maintenance garden with 7 of the best tricks you’ll find. See what you can create with them!

Low Maintenance Plants Only
If you want your garden to look beautiful but be low maintenance at the same time, it only makes sense to select low maintenance plants only. Some say you should get rid of plants altogether, but this doesn’t make sense if you want a truly beautiful garden. Stick to one type if you want super low maintenance.

It’s a good idea to avoid annuals and tender plants, bedding plants, vegetables and sowing of seeds. Plants which need staking should also be avoided - delphiniums are the most common offenders. Make sure you know which plants act as slug or rabbit food, as your garden won’t look great. Hostas are the worst for this.

So, what can you include? Shrubs, preferably evergreen like daphne, lavender, holly and euonymus. Lavender is great because it’ll come back year after year. For a low maintenance garden with variety, stick to between 5-10 plants depending on how much time you have. It also makes sense to choose plants that are suited to your garden’s soil type, aspect, climate and size.

In some cases, beds of mulch or crushed stones can be better than soil to care for.

The Right Fence Panels
Having the right fence panels will add a certain aesthetic to your garden, as well as cut down on the time it takes you to care for your garden. Avoid wooden panels, and go for composite fence panels instead. They are far more eco friendly and low maintenance, plus they have a great aesthetic.

Fake Grass
There are a few things you can do when it comes to your grass. If you want the grass look but you don’t want to care for it, invest in fake grass instead. The maintenance required is minimal and it can look very real.

Some argue that it isn’t good for the environment to get rid of your grass, but others disagree. Natural grass can't support much wildlife, and when you take into account the energy used in mowing for petrol/electricity it begins to make more sense. Plus, consider the pesticides, water, fertilizer, and other products used to keep grass looking great.

However, it’s understandable if you want to keep your grass simply for garden games, picnicking opportunities, and the feel of real grass on bear feet. If you want to keep it, make it a simple shape so that it takes less time and energy to mow.

Chill Out
Once you have your ideal low maintenance garden, just relax. Accept that sometimes a few weeds may poke through, or that your grass may get a little long. Enjoy it!

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