What Should You Buy When You Haven't Bought For Yourself In Months?

Having a family changes your priorities in every way. Your first thoughts are usually worries about the kids. Then that quickly turns to your schedule for the day to get them to all of their activities on time. As soon as breakfast is over, you’re scouring your shopping list to figure out what size skirt or trousers your youngest will need for the party on the weekend. And through all of that, you’re working to earn enough to cover the mortgage and put food on the table. So when was the last time you actually bought something just for you?

What’s Putting You Off?
There does come the point when you have to realize that you’re putting off investing in you. If it’s been a few months since you last went out with the girls to the mall, then it’s definitely time to address why. Perhaps you’re struggling to find enough cash to justify it? Or maybe you’re getting too busy right now with taking care of the kids and the house?

Over time, our favorite clothes no longer look their best. They might not even fit that well anymore. If you’re feeling less than fabulous in your wardrobe choices, then go on, get out there, and treat yourself to a new outfit! If you really don’t have time, then click here to find an online boutique that is run by busy moms just like you. Prioritize yourself because you really do deserve it.

What Will You Choose?
Busy moms need fashion choices that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle. That means comfort and versatility are really important. Heels are great, but not when you’re driving the kids here, there and everywhere. Instead, stick to a comfort heel or cute boots. Trousers or pants hide a multitude of sins. But you shouldn’t be hiding anything! Pick skirts and dresses if that’s what you love and embrace your feminine side.

Layers are also very handy when you’re out and about then back indoors. Choose cute cami-style tops with a blouse over. Then add a cardigan with buttons so you can wear it open if you like. Finally, bring along a cashmere sweater for those chilly mornings. This gives you several outfits in one, and it will suit every weather type you might face from dawn to dusk.

If you’re really worried about the cost of treating yourself, then stop seeing it as a treat and budget for it. You probably have a figure in mind for the kids’ clothing and shoes each month. Just because you’ve stopped growing, it doesn’t mean you should stick with fashion you’ve had for years. It’s not an indulgence. It’s about looking good and feeling good. And yes, clothes will lose their color, their shape and their softness over the months. So replace an item or two each month. That keeps the cost of shopping down, and your wardrobe fresh and stylish.

So what are you going to buy this month? Why not replace something you’ve had for so long you really can’t face wearing it again? Love your new fashion choices.

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