Can you enjoy the same garden that your kids and pets use?

At home, it’s important to make the most of any outside spaces you might have. The trouble is, the kids play out there, leaving their toys strewn across the lawn. And if you have a dog, there might be more than just toys strewn across the lawn! How on earth can you enjoy the little time you have if your backyard simply isn’t adult-friendly?


You might have enough space out there to section different areas off. This is one of the best ways to make sure the dog doesn’t destroy your favorite plants or leave you any ‘gifts’ where your kids might play. Cute white picket fences with little access gates are a lovely way to divide up each area. That way you can have a doggy play area, complete with pet zen artificial self-draining grass. You can have a kids play area with soft play mats. And finally, you can have a beautiful decking area surrounded by colorful flowers and shrubs.


If your kids do have their own play area, you might be able to fit in a playhouse, some ride-on toys, and even a little lawn for a soccer game or two. The dog has his doggy turf to roll around on and chew his toys. But what about you? If you have a decking area, you might use this for al fresco dining. Or maybe you can add a workout mat and enjoy some tai chi, meditation, or yoga? Why not install a swing seat to relax on with a cup of coffee in the morning?


Of course, gardening itself is an activity. It’s pretty good for burning a few calories too! You will need a good storage shed to store your lawn mower, trowels, spades and forks. These are fairly easy to find, buy, and erect. All you need is a few meters square to put it on. You can usually buy them in a plastic-type material that doesn’t need painting. But most gardeners like the traditional wooden version. You can paint it any color, but remember to recoat it every couple of years to keep it in good condition.


If you have some leftover space or a patio area, why not invest in a good quality rattan dining set? These are usually weatherproof for years, and you can bring in the cushions for cleaning. If your patio is in the sun, consider a gazebo or parasol to offer some shade. An enclosure could help keep the dog out at meal times too, especially if there are sausages on the barbecue!

Pools and hot tubs

If you want to install a pool or hot tub, don’t forget to include a safety railing to enclose it. This will stop the kids and the dogs from getting in there. Water is always hazardous, so if your kids are allowed to use it, make sure you’re there to supervise at all times. If you have garden lights, you can enjoy the hot tub or the pool after the kids have gone to bed! Choose a secluded corner of the garden for privacy, or consider installing a hedge. How do you make the most of your family backyard?

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