Look In The Mirror And Tell Yourself You Can!

We’re often told we can do anything, no matter who we are and where we come from. This is actually true, despite a lot of people believing the contrary; we just have to do things differently depending on our situation in life. That means being motivated to find the energy and get on with something can take quite a lot of effort, effort that we feel would be better spent elsewhere.

A lot of us are tired in our daily lives, whether it’s because we don’t get enough sleep, or that we’re bored of the in and out of the day to day grind. No matter what causes your stagnating feeling, there’s things you can do to help pull yourself up out of it. Here’s a few tips on staying motivated to do the things you want when you want to, and being able to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and feel good about you and what you can do.


Try Focusing on One Thing at a Time

Priorities are something we always need to sort out, but we can agree that family and work are the main ones. However, wanting to do anything on top of that is always an exciting prospect: you’re getting into a new hobby that means you’ll be creating things you’ve wanted to do for a while, or you’re learning a new skill and brushing up on old ones; it can make things a whole lot more stressful. It seems counterproductive, but it’s true.

When we have too much to do at once, we can get ourselves in a complete tizz when it comes to approaching each subject. So we need to cut that down immediately from the get go, and allow ourselves more energy at the end of the day. That way we get more done, to a quality standard, and we’re not preoccupied with literally everything else. Want to learn to play the violin? Clear your schedule, sit down and let yourself practice. It’s better for your skill level and it means you don’t judge yourself for getting anything wrong in your short availability, as the rest of the day is packed.

Read Up on the Matter

We all love a good book, and settling down before bed for a half hour with our favorite stories is something to look forward to at the end of the day. So, why not substitute this with a self help book? Make yourself your own favorite story!

When you have a list of the best self help books to read, you’re going to be ahead of the game in your search to find the right advice and get on with your journey to more energy and more accomplishments.

Reading is pleasurable, and we can get easily lost in it, so you know this is a step you could very easily achieve, no matter the position you’re in. If you’re not good at keeping focus, take it a few minutes at a time and break it up with something exciting (like drawing or maybe a bit of gaming) in between. Also, if it helps, remember it doesn’t even need to be an instruction book, as just reading an autobiography of someone you admire, or who has achieved things you also want to do, can help inspire you.

Go for the Things You Want

This is where the mirror trick comes in. When we think we can’t do something because of imaginary obstacles we’ve put in place in our minds, we’re putting ourselves down without a fair trial. So if you want something, go for it; the mindset that ‘if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen’ is reserved for relationships and friendships, so work opportunities and tangible openings need to be grabbed by the horns!

Go to the mirror, look yourself in the eye, and tell yourself you can. It’s a great technique for self confidence, and it can mean you get a lot more done in the space of five minutes when it comes to finally making that call or shooting off some enquiring emails. Them you take each subsequent step as it comes, and stay excited for whatever you may find yourself doing.

Even if something doesn’t work out, you can’t blame yourself for missing the chance to give it a go!

Speaking of Excitement

If you want to stay motivated with something, you need to be happy you’re doing it, at the very least. If you’re finding it difficult to keep at something, think about why you started it in the first place, and where it could take you. Learning how to do some poetry? You can start heading out to writer’s nights at bars or clubs, and get on stage with your own pieces. Having an amount of notoriety around what you do is the best motivator for staying at something you know you can be good at, so give yourself a chance with it!

If that doesn’t sound like it could be for you, after all a certain amount of confidence is needed, think what you could make or play for yourself or your friends and family once you’ve got a bit of practice behind you. Either way, it’s going to be enjoyable for you to keep at with this technique.

Note Down What You’ve Achieved

When we achieve something, or we want to, it’s a good idea to keep a physical record of what we’ve got up to. That way, we can look up and see our hard work pay off in big writing. It’s a simple trick that doesn’t take long to do, and keeps a smile on our face when it matters. Make it creative, with lights, colors, and even collaging.

Always remember that you’ve got this! When we begin to doubt ourselves, that’s when we lose our motivation for whatever it is we want to get up to. Keep at it, and keep your energy up; you’ll get to the end of your goals in no time!

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