Thoughtful (and Practical) Gift Ideas For the Man in Your Life

If you want to be dusting off the ‘best wife or girlfriend’ award this Christmas, then you need to make sure that you are getting your other half gifts that are not only thoughtful, but serve a purpose too. On the whole, men are pretty practical people. And they aren’t as likely to want a trinket or ornament like a woman would. So here are some thoughtful and practical gifts ideas for the man in your life this holiday season. Have you started your gift shopping yet?


If you’re looking to splash out a little this winter, then a watch is a great gift for your other half. The good thing is that you can get watches to suit all styles and budgets, but it serves one of the most practical purposes ever! It could be a traditional Swiss watch with metal strap, a leather Daniel Wellington, or even a high-tech Apple watch. You know your man (and your budget), so pick accordingly and you’ll have a happy hubby on Christmas day.

Car Products

If your man loves his car, then some things to look after his car are a good idea. It shows you are taking an interest in one of his passions, and they will also serve the purpose of helping him to have a cleaner or more stylish car. Cherished license plates are a great idea for those men who are sentimental and would love a special license plate. It could be things for the interior like a dashboard camera, or something for the outside like the most recommended tire cleaners, car wax or polish. A pressure washer can also be a good thing for a car fanatic to have as it makes cleaning a car much easier. So that could be a good idea, depending on your budget.

Gym Kit

If your partner is a bit of a gym-bunny, then some kit for the gym would be much welcomed. While you might not necessarily know the style to get, you could have him choose some new workout clothes and sneakers, or surprise him with a new gym bag and accessories. Even things like a heart rate monitor or protein powders would make a good and practical gift for the right man.


What is better than your other half than your other half smelling great? He may have a signature scent that he needs a new bottle of, or it might be completely up to you to choose. Which, let’s face it, can be fun as you get to choose one that you love. Fragrances and aftershaves do last for quite a while, so they can be the gift that keeps on giving.

Something For the Home

If your man has been hinting at something new for the home, or has a penchant for coffee, for example, then you could look to get him a new coffee machine, for example. There are so many other gadgets that work for the home too, like speakers, and VR-headsets, for instance. The best part about getting him something for the home is that, if you live together, you get to enjoy it too.

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