DIY Body Scrub of Your Choice

If you are some one that is conscious of what you are putting in your body, and what you are using on your body, then making your own body scrub is definitely something you will be interested in. Even if you aren’t as wary about the ingredients in your food or bathing products this recipe is something anyone will enjoy. It allows you to spend some ‘me’ time in a very inexpensive way. Who doesn’t like some ‘me’ time to pamper and primp themself?

Follow these simple steps to create your own invigorating body scrub that is tailored to your very own preferences.

Step One: Storage container
Make sure you have a storage container for the finished product. A mason jar would work great, but any jar or bowl with a tight lid will work just fine.

Step Two: Pick your exfoliant.
Choose from Sea Salt, Salt, Raw Sugar, Sugar, Oatmeal or Coffee Grounds. If you wish to use the scrub on your face choose something like oatmeal or sugar, as they will be less rough on your skin. The sea salt and raw sugar will be coarser on your skin and are good for areas such as feet, hands, legs and arms.

Step Three: Choose your moisturizing agent.
Almost all body scrubs are one part oil, two parts exfoliant. Any carrier oil will work, but lite oils are typically the most popular. Almond oil, sunflower oil and grape seed oil are common types of oil to use. There’s also walnut and avocado oil.

Step Four: Adding your scent.
Adding your favorite scent can be achieved by using essential oils or natural ingredients. Lemon, lavender, mint, citrus, sage and rosemary are all great scents to try. If you choose lemon, or any other fruit, you will need the juice and zest of approximately a half of a lemon. If you choose lavender, rosemary or mint your will probably need to buy a bottle of essential oil. Only a few drops are using at a time, so the bottle will last a long time!

Step Five: Mix.
Combine 1 cup of your exfoliant with ½ cup of oil. Add your favored scent and mix thoroughly. If you are using essential oils add a few at a time to make sure the scrub isn’t an overwhelming fragrance that discourages you from using it.

Step Six: Use it!
After all of your ingredients have been combined you are now ready to put this scrub to use. Make sure you apply to clean skin. The best time is usually in or after a shower. Use small circles to spread the scrub all over. This will remove dry flakey skin. Rinse off with warm water or  a warm cloth.

Step Seven: Enjoy
Now that you have gotten rid of all of that fry skin, enjoy the feeling of fresh, soft skin!

Keep the body scrub in a sealed jar or bottle and in a cool place. The mixture will last indefinitely because there are no preservatives.

Uses: Can be used to treat your self to a personal at-home spa day, as a birthday present, homemade holiday gifts or just to cheer someone up with a thoughtful gesture.

Now don't be afraid to add little girly touches to this recipe in whatever endless ways you feel like! Experiment with different ingredients throughout the entire recipe given and create a personal masterpiece. When you package this body scrub find a cute jar, add a bow, ribbons, string, a name tag or other adorable personal touches. Little dabs of your personality are highly encouraged and appreciated by other women and beauty enthusiasts alike!

Michelle Pino wrote this article. Michelle loves sharing the ideas she learns from working at Skana, a spa in upstate ny, as well as engaging in pinterest projects, baking and reading a good book!

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