Weekend Recap

This week has gone by so fast and this weekend even faster, i think its because my parents have been here and time really should stop then.. instead it goes faster. 

Friday: We went to visit some friends for lunch and i also had to get a nail fixed, i got my gel nails done on thursday and friday one fell off, so then i went and got that fixed and we headed to our friends that we stayed with first when we moved here for the 10 days, then my parents went to meet my sister's parents (biological), the food they had was amazing, it was like a buffet
baked potato
bread sliced
bread rolls

then dessert was truly amazing, so much there to choose from i was trying to behave, but there was
blueberry supreme( like a cheesecake but better)
blue berry pie
apple pie
pumpkin pie
and more

they love to entertain and my parents enjoyed seeing them, sister was there too off course, Olivia was being spoiled with so many relatives around.  They live about 40 mins out of town, but the drive was worth it.  
we got home around 10 pm and i actually got really really sleepy and went to bed not long after. I slept until 10 am Sat morning

Saturday: Dad and hubby went to a mens breakfast at our church, while us ladies got our beauty sleep. 
When we got up and got ready we drove 1 hour and 15 mins to visit our friends, the lady use to babysit me, it was very very nice to be with them, we had brunch there and then they took us to their farm, it was so much fun. 
I'll let the pictures do the talking:

 these two are instant BFF'S 

some of the animals

 Dana and i- sexy boots isnt :p she babysat me  when i was very little 

we also went to the Longest covered bridge in the world, Andrew and i have been there before so we took Brooke and my parents.

RIght now i am in the ER with my daddy - he is having a lot of chest pain and its making him feel pretty miserable so i made him come into ER… 
The doctor has done an EKG, nothing has showed up, so doctor don't even know what to treat him for, told him it may be shingles and sometimes it takes a month or so to come out, so they gave him medication and sent him off again 

Sunday: My parents went to church with us, then we had lunch and they left :( Brooke did better this time then other times before, she gets very upset and cries when they leave. 
We went to lunch at a little Country restaurant called the Blue canoe 
Brooke saying her good byes: 

Pretty girl posing 

going to miss those girls so much this summer, got to know them this year and i feel such a connection, love you girls!!

We had a baptismal at church tonight, i love watching people get their sins washed far away. we went to DQ for ice cream after and said our good byes to Jaredene, hurry up Sept and get back here so we can be together again 

This week is Anniversary week, so check back for the LOVE stuff 


  1. Yay for family and anniversaries! I hope that health come to your family soon.

  2. You've been busy Terri - take care!

  3. Thinking of your father and you. I'm glad that you have managed some great fun.

  4. So sorry to hear about your dad, hope he's well again soon! Looks like you had some good times too. Have a great week!

  5. hope your dad feel well soon
    I love covered bridges.... we dont have them here.... the first time I saw one was in Vermont, USA. xx

  6. WOW! Sounds like a crazy busy weekend for you. But loads of fun too:) My prayers are with your dad. Hope he feels better soon! x

  7. What a full week, and so many good things! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Holy cow ... that is one busy weekend! I'm tired just reading about it! Hope your Dad is feeling better soon!


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