Weekend Recap

Friday: This weekend was the weekend i have been waiting for since i moved here and even before then because i knew that i was going to get to go while living here

I got to go to the Atlantic District Ladies Conference
Registration was from 5pm- 7:00 pm, service began at 7 and what an awesome time in the spirit we had, after service myself and 2 friends went for food to Jungle Jim's, it was nice. 

some of the most amazing ladies- on the right is my Pastor's wife 

The President of Atlantic Ladies Minitries

it was decorated in a modern vintage 

this girl is one i look up too, she moves to Europe come July when she gets married 

some of the ladies

this lady on the front row is so special to me because i lived with her while in College, she means a lot to me and it sure felt good to see her. 

a skit they did, it was hilarious

 this was a silent auction- beautiful china cups. Starting bids were $200 because that would support a bible school student in Guatemala- they made a lot of money :) 

the worship team, the spirit of God was so amazing, 
Our speaker was Melani Shock from Louisiana( she also blogs, her link is here)

it was a life changing weekend. 

We had to be back there for 9 am when the skits started, so i got picked up at 7 and we went to the coffee mill for breakfast.. so delicious 
Saturday at 3 pm it was over and then i met up with my Pastors wife from home and we chatted for a bit, she wanted to see Brooke anyway and Brooke was giddy to see her as well.

Ran a few errands and got home, relaxed a little because it was a fun filled 2 days at Ladies Conference,
Then at 6 pm


after travelling for 2 days, very tired and getting cranky
MY PARENTS CAME to visit. 

It was like Christmas all over, they came bearing presents, my poor mom was so tired, she needed some extra sleep, so she has been sleeping since 8 pm. 

Looking forward to the next week with them :)

We had a Graduation party at church for the Bible school students, we made it a pot luck, everyone got to meet my parents, it was fun... 

Not sure how much i will be around this week, but we shall see :)


  1. That is so great that your parents came to visit! It also looks like you have a beautiful female community surrounding you.

  2. wow sounds such an amazing weekend... looks like you have some lovely friends in your new city xxx

  3. What an eventful weekend!! Always fun hanging out with spiritual people who inspire us!

  4. It looks fun, and I'm glad you and your parents had a good time.

  5. Sounds like you had one busy weekend! Glad it was a fantastic one for you though :) x


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