Wednesdays for women

 I felt in my heart to write one last night. 
Might not be for everybody, but I pray it reaches to somebody who might doubt thier potential, confidence, or abilities in the work of God.
In our overpopulted, chaotic world it is easy to understimate the significance of ONE!. With so many people, most of whom seem so much more capable, more gifted, more experienced, more prosperous, more important then I, who am I to think my parts amount to much?
That's the way most folks think these days, but that mindset will stagnate your ministry in the Kingdom of God. Brother. Wofford a instructor of mine at Texas Bible College. A man with such wisdom always told us this saying that has stuck with me for the past four years. Which is this. "What you do in moderation, others will do in excess".
Basically others will follow the standard you set, and accoriding to what they see they would follow.

I can't imagine the fore founders from years past having a  mentality that they were not significant. Aren't you glad the Apostale Paul didn't? Henry Ford, Jackie Robinson, Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Ronald Reagen, Walt Disney, our own Pastor and many many more.

Often hear those who are afraid to take a step out in faith, and get involve in ministry with the following excuses. " I am not qualified" " I am not worthy" " "There's others who have that under control" or my favorite " It's a diffrent world today, man" , and it's " not for me to stand out in my walk with God"
WRONG! The Bible clearly states " Let our light shine before man so that they may see our good works." Everything we do for God is for his glory, and his glory only.
God has always understood individual involment... still does..
How many did it take to help the victom who got mugged on the Jericho road? One Good Samartian!

How many were chosen by God to confront Pharoah and lead the Exodus? One!

How many sheep got lost, and became a hign concern for the shepard? One!

How many were needed to confront an adulterous David, and bring him to a place of full repentance? One!

How many prophets were called to stand before a wicked King Ahab, and predict a drought?ONE!

How many did the Lord use to get the attenntion of the land of Palestine, and pepare the way for the coming of the Messiah? Take a wild guess...Once again ONE!.

Never understimate the power of ONE!, and what you can do for God.

Centuries ago a woman almost did. She though things were too far gone. And she cetrainly didn't think there was anything she cold do. It was only a matter of time she feared all the Jews would be exterminated, but thank the Lord we serve a God who uses the least expected to do the unexpected. Her name was Esther. We read that she was the Jewish wife of a Persian King, the man who was tricked to making a disaterous decision. All her people would be exterminated.

But oh how the tides can quickly turned by.... guess how many? Your'e right. ONE!.

Esther's adoptive father, realizing her daughter, alone, held the key to her husbands heart, appealed to her conscience: " If you remain silent at this time...you and your father's house will perish." (Esther 4:14)
You see Esther just one individual listened to his impassioned plea. What got her attention was his final line, and where we get one of the most profound scriptures found in the Bible. " And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?"Esther (4:14)
That did it. She being only one broke long-standing protocol and put her own life at risk. She marched into the King's thron room, spoke from her heart... and rescued God's people... 
ONE woman-
ONE voice- 
ONE personal calling- saved an entire nation.
Every person sooner or later is faced with that personal decision, and step out to everything God has called them to be. Esther was willing to get persobnally involved, to the point of great sacrifice. Or, as she said, " If I perish, I perish" (416).. She didn't think someone else shoud be doing this, not me...." nor did she ignore the need because of the risk...
So before you toss everything aside, saying to yourself, "Aw, that's for somebody else. How much diffrence could I really make? Just stop to consider the value of ONE.
Jesus does not desire your abilities, but rather your availability. ONE can make a diffrence!!!
God Bless:)

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