Weekend Recap

We began the next 8 weeks of treatments... i had to leave work at 2 pm, my treatment was late so it was almost 5 when i got home, oh the pain and the nausea was unreal.. i came home and slept for a while before we had to go to Summer Summit( Family Camp), we met up with friends there who came home to spend the weekend so that she could go to Summer Summit as well. Church was amazing, and HOT, i don't get why they don't have better air conditioning in there. We stayed up late that night and then i was up with a flare up til 3 am, slept til 11 on Saturday.

I slept til 11 because of the crazy flare up the night before, then we got ready and went to the Market- introduced her to Samosas for the first time, if you have never tried these babies, then you need to, amazing
We went shopping and got the girls matching dresses:

People thought they were Identical twins, i don't see that. They are 6 months in age difference. 
We had service again that night, we had a concert at 6 pm and it was so amazing, i love some good country music. 
We took the kids to McDonald's after for ice cream, came home and went to bed earlier then the night before. 

Sunday: Last day of Summer Summit- i hate to have things like this end. We had service in our own Church for the morning, what a great time we had.
Andrew barbecued for us in the afternoon, the girls went and ran thru the sprinkler while the momma's looked on, i may have even took a nap :p 
Sunday night service began at 6 m, we got there just after 5 to make sure we had a good seat, the place was pretty packed already but we did get a seat and were able to save a seat for Dana's husband and oldest son. 
Service was amazing... i love a good old fashioned church service. 

We went to pizza delight after service with 18 of our friends, it was so much fun. Dana and her husband left around midnight to drive home, i don't remember much once i got home, i was exhausted. 

Today is a holiday here as well
Happy Birthday Canada
We did go and participate in some activities. 

We didn't stay long though because it was so hot and crowded.. i don't like big crowds like that, so we came home and now we are just hanging out here... 

Hope your week treats you well. 

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