Weekend recap

Weekend recap

Friday was crazy at work, so busy but time flew.....
I left at 2 for my treatment, while getting catheter my bladder went crazy, it didn't like the catheter it went into a flare up and it was crazy hurting 
At 6:30 we had a birthday party to attend, it was pot luck and a lot of food. I thought i was doing well with staying away from spicy stuff but i flared up, thinking the treatment caused it, come to find out i have a bladder infection and this is causing my pain....

They had dress up day in day care and Brooke wanted to dress like a geek- she did well :)

Saturday we all slept til 11 am... yes we are lazy
then we did nothing for a couple of hours
i went to the mall with Lisa and we hung out there for a bit, went to the dollar tree and Costco( like Sam's),  i needed to pick up some prescriptions from the night before...
came home and i was out for the count, i hate being so sick- i took a long nap til like 8 pm and then they made me dinner, it was so good. Proud of them all.
Hubby and i went on a date later that night, we had a dessert date, i ordered a banana split it was huge:
 I did not eat it all though.. 

after we ate we went for a walk on the walking bridge, it was so nice, not many people were there and we could walk as slow as we wanted, was nice to hold hands and walk with my love. 

Sunday: Church and Sunday School- we had a missionary in for Sunday morning, i didn't get to hear him because i had to teach Sunday school, hubby took his girls to dinner after it was so nice  to be just us.
I ended up back at the hospital on sunday pm because i couldn't pee- my bladder wasn't doing what it should have been doing... sigh- when will this night mare end.

That's our weekend in a nut shell


  1. I never knew that you taught Sunday school! It's amazing that you fit it all in. :)

  2. Walking a pretty bridge at night with your husband sounds so nice!

  3. That looks like a pretty bridge. I'm jealous that you get date nights with the hubby, but I'm so sorry you are having bladder issues. No fun!

  4. She's a cute geek. :)

    I'm sorry you had health issues to deal with. :(


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