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Letting God carry your burdens

There is a time for everything, a season for this and a season for that. 
There is a time to bear a care in solitude, and a time to share a prayer with a friend. 
We need the wisdom to know when to shoulder responsibility, when to delegate, and when to cast it all upon Jesus – our incomparable Burden Bearer.
Sometimes I have to have a cry, then wash my face, and get on with it! I know I must bear the thing alone. 
Another day, when I was burdened beyond belief after watching a loved one suffer, a friend came to me and touched my hurt with tenderness, mending the raw edges of my helplessness. 
Such love brought a blessed buoyancy that helped more than I could tell.
 Someone cared enough to help make my burden bearable. Yes, there is a season for sorrow, a time to bear another’s burdens.
But there comes a time when only God’s shoulders are broad enough to carry the weight of my worry. Then crushing burdens become carried burdens. Yoked to Him, I can plow my lonely furrow, walk a straight path, cope with the intolerable, and figure out the impossible. Then, having been carried, I am sent on my way strengthened to help carry another. I need to pray:
Show me when to share, Lord – Commission me to carry, Lord
And teach me not to burden one of your special children, if I must bear my burden alone!

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