Weekend Recap

Work and I was the only one out of 14 that showed up for work, my supervisor was so thankful. Her and I get along very well, she is always so positive which goes a long way. 
I won tickets to the CFL foot ball game for Saturday evening, but because hubby has been away, we didn't have the time we needed to drive 2 hours for the game
The guy on the right is the "big boss" over the whole place, the other guy is always around, he works as like floor support and so knowledgeable. 
so I sold the tickets :)
After treatment I went home to nap and then some friends from church came over and yet again I didn't take pictures :( 
We had nachos, and brownies with ice cream, was sooo good and great company and so much fun. 
I had a rough time getting to sleep on Friday night, I hate when my hubby is gone, thankfully it was the final night of him being gone, I was so glad he was back earlier in the day on Saturday. 
Brooke had a friend come over and they all camped out in my room 

I was reading on friends facebook status about the good and the bad of the new IOS 7, so I bit the bullet and did it, it is so pretty, I like it 

I do find the battery isn't lasting very long though, but it might just be my battery I guess, do you have anything that you really don't like or really like about it?

This was a pretty wasted day, hubby got home around 1 pm, so we all just spent time with him first then I cleaned and he did the lawn work, we were going to go out for dinner but we all fell asleep and did nothing...I put Brooke to bed early bc she was up late the night before so she was in bed and asleep by 9 pm, hubby and I then spent some time together watching hockey and just relaxing...

Hubby woke up sick again( he was sick while he was gone this past week), he has a cold and ya know when a man is sick its always worst then any other sickness before :p
We did go out for lunch today, but the food wasn't very good, my meal didn't get eaten because I couldn't handle the taste of it and I hate complaining at restaurants, so I just had toast when i got home. 
Andrew didn't make it to church at all today so i went both services alone, I want my hubby to get better. 

So this week I am thinking about taking a break from Face book, it really makes me crazy, i just need to do this for me, I am not sure if I am doing it for sure, but wanted to give you all a heads up :) 


  1. Sounds like quite a busy weekend.

    Taking a break from social media every once in awhile is a good thing, especially if it is bringing you down. I have done it many times and when I return I am a lot more eager and willing to participate. Take the time that you need. It doesn't look like Facebook is going anywhere anytime soon. And, we'll be there when you decide to return. :)

  2. I am sorry your husband is sick, and you are so right, when the men get something, wow...though we can have the same thing, and life continues to go on! Facebook and other social media do get crazy sometimes, and a break is a good thing. I have literally walked away from the internet completely before, and just taken some offline time to reboost myself. Sounds like you basically had a great weekend though!

  3. I heard a lot about ios7 to and some bad feedbacks, Battery drained so fast. Not a good sigh. Anyway, I'm planning to take a break with Facebook too but not our groups! Haha It helps our blog a lot. May be just don't mind other post/s!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! Now I want a brownie. ha ha!

  5. Sounds look a good weekend! I agree that sometimes just stepping away from Social Media for awhile is a good thing :)


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