Confessional friday


It’s Friday which means it is Confessing time.

1)      I am excited to spend Sunday with the love of my life of 12 years- it is our 12th Anniversary and even though nothing special is planned, we do have a sitter and we are gonna do lunch or something, when we go on vacation in 2 weeks we are  celebrating then.

2)      I need to start eating better and getting some weight of these bones, and I need to get it off soon.


3)      I need this allergic reaction to go away sooner then later, it is still bugging me a week later, I went to see the Dr last night and he said it is a little infected, great news..

4)      Brooke is away for a sleep over tonight so we are going out with some friends, im hoping for some down time to relax and laugh a lot.


What’s on your mind today



  1. I hope you have a wonderful anniversary on Sunday. Enjoy it and your vacation :)

  2. What did you have an allergic reaction to?? Worst feeling ever! I've had some reactions lately but apparently it's "autoimmune!" Nice! I have NO way of figuring out what it is and WHEN I might have a reaction!!

  3. LOL at 'help' on the scale!! :) Happy Anniversary to you, 12 yrs. is awesome!

  4. Stopping by from Facebook/UBC - first of all, HAPPY #12 ANNIVERSARY! Hope you have a lovely time. I can relate to #2. Hope you enjoyed your "down time" last night.

    On my mind today is the fact that I want to get back to blogging consistently - AND I want to work on my quilting business! ;-)


Thanks for the blogging Love

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