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Welcome to Marriage Monday
Today I have a beautiful Love Story for you, grab some coffee and sit back and read this beautiful story

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Those simple wedding invitations...how could I forget...

"Boy Meets Girl...Come Hear All The Details!"

That was us almost ten years ago...at the ceremony that proved to me that our God does hear & answer prayer!

But I'm getting ahead of myself now...

It was 2001 and I was a single mom of two small boys. I still heard faint whispers of a past that taunted, "You'll never find the right man...they're all the same." Many times burned, and was simply committing it all to Jesus now. Praying often. Praying that the right one would come my way.

I had recently moved to a townhome survey. Many children were always roaming the complex, unsupervised and seemingly very bored. Boredom often led to trouble.

I decided to start a fun little 'kids' night once a week. It grew. I had so many kids that I couldn't handle them all by myself, alongside my own two children....I needed a helper. Male, preferably, to help keep the bigger and more difficult teens in line.

I asked around. Guess who God brought my way? You'll never guess :)

So Jeff, myself, and a few other young people started meeting every Tuesday for the kids night.

 I began to take stock of this man. 
Hmmm, very good with kids.  
Committed to his faith.

But I was scared...I had been really hurt. I didn't ever want to go back to that place again...so I prayed. I waited. I talked to trusted people in my life.

After a few more months I was asked out for 'coffee'. (you know, the well-known coffee invite for Christian women?!) 

That night I was excited, but fearful.
 My nerves were on edge the whole time I was getting ready.

There was actually no need for the fear. We had a wonderful time! We laughed, we chatted, we inspired each other sharing future dreams. I left thinking that perhaps, just maybe, God was here answering a prayer of mine.

I waited.

Another few months flew by and this time we were both conscious of the other's affection. We chatted on the phone throughout each week. We sat near each other at church on occasion. He finally made the 'big move' and asked me out!!! 

I felt like a princess in one of those Cinderella type movies. 

It was within the year that he proposed...and then came the beautiful, and much anticipated, wedding!

Yes, when God writes your love story, you can look back & see His fingermarks woven throughout the entire journey.

I realize that learning to trust God in this area, at least for me, was a process. A process that took much longer than necessary because of my poor choices as a teen & young adult.

However, God is so merciful. He is so good. 
Our life choices, well they sort of remind me of a GPS system. 
If you make a wrong turn, simply ask His forgiveness, and He'll get you back on track. 
He'll do it. He is faithful!

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Sometimes between: paying the mortgage, running after little ones, running businesses, cleaning the house, volunteering at church, working through the challenges of life and whatever else may be on one's plate- it is so easy to forget how you came together. You know, your beautiful love story? 

Even though many years have passed since we our 'story' began, we can still say we love one another. In the tough times we've persevered & come through!

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Rachael's 'own' plans were divinely interrupted when she met & married the babe of her dreams! Now she is a mother of five delightful children, and a self-employed business owner.  Her time is filled: homeschooling, studying nutrition, leading women’s bible studies & blogging.  She is the author of Diamonds in the Rough and would love to connect with you! Feel free to join her for on PinterestGoogle+Instagram and Twitter.


  1. What a sweet love story! I love that you guys met while sharing a passion for children.
    Ain't God Good! (that is a southern saying) God has truly blessed you two with each other. Thanks for sharing.

  2. aw love to hear others love stories , i do believe in fate and love at first sight x

  3. Aww, I love the happy endings! Congrats to you!

  4. What a wonderful love story! Congrats on finding that special person in your life! God works in mysterious ways.

  5. What a sweet story. I'm glad you were able to find each other and experience the blessings of marriage!

  6. Such a great love story and yes, with Faith anything is possible. God will always hear us :)


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