Middle School

It's that time of year again! You wake up in a sweat, shaken from the dream where your clock doesn't go off and you are late. You know what I'm referring to -- "The First Day of School!" Whether veteran or rookie, we all have mixed feelings of excitement and fear about that day.
Dear Brooke; 

As you embark on a new school, a new grade, a new teacher, new class mates… may you know how incredibly proud I am of you, you are so smart and intelligent.  Grade 6 = Middle School 

As you open that new pencil case, open your new binder, make that first mark on paper with a new pen or pencil, please know that I am thinking about you every day, I whisper a prayer for you as you start each new day.. 

Some things I want to tell you: 

Smile- Smile all day long if you want to; smile when you want to frown, smile before and after a test, smile to the person who isn’t so nice to you 

Make Friends- Make friends with the person who no one else wants to be friends with, make friends with the class bully ( if there is one), make friends with the person that people don’t like. 

Study- Study each day, review everything you learned daily, it will make it easier when exam time comes. 

Take Notes- Lots and lots of notes, you will be thankful when you need to study for a test, the more notes you have the more examples you have. 

Be Kind and Share- Share your lunch with the kid who has none, share your school work ( i don’t mean cheating) with the kid who missed a day, share your pencils with someone who has none. 

Always be true to who you are. Trying to be someone else is like being second-best. The greatest relationships you will ever have will be with those who know, love, and accept you for who you are. You are such a sweet lovable caring stubborn helpful independent joyful human being.

First Impression- make sure it is a good one as you only get one chance to make the first one

Popularity- Please remember that it does not matter how popular you are. What does matter is always treating others with kindness and respect. THAT is what you will want to be remembered by.

Dream big baby girl. Shoot for the stars. Always set goals and work your hardest to achieve them. I’ll always believe in you. I am your biggest fan.


  1. This is such a sweet, sweet letter! I love it! What a fabulous idea for a post. I am sure your daughter will be fantastic in school. Blessings on her year!

  2. What a lovely letter to your daughter! My daughter started middle school this year, too, which is 7th grade here in Santa Barbara. So proud of her confidence and cheerfulness. Thanks for reminding me to tell her to shoot for the stars.
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  3. This is a great idea for a post! And it'll be something that your daughter someday will treasure. Well done, little Mama!

  4. A very sweet post! It can be a confusing time at this age, so it's great that you can impart some wisdom to your child.

  5. How encouraging! I liked your last paragraph - wonderful words!

  6. Good luck to her with her new journey in middle school! My oldest three all loved 6th grade!! Lots of changes, but most of them are great. :)

  7. This is lovely! Great sentiments.

  8. Perfect! Brooke is very lucky to have you!!


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