Weekend Recap

I wasn’t feeling well most of the day, finished up some things for the auction for Addison (#auctionforaddison). 
Hubby came home and  was asleep ( oops), we decided to go get some pizza for dinner, it was good. 

I started feeling sick again, so I went to bed pretty early but could not sleep, so I watched some mindless TV, it was what I needed, i drifted off to sleep just after. 

We had planned to sleep in which we did, I cooked brunch it was divine, it rarely happens here, usually we have so many errands to run we never know what to do for breakfast food, but it was nice to have a weekend with no plans. 
We left around 3 pm to go into town for a walk on the walking trails in one of our parks, it was so pretty, as the pictures show. 

We came home had Tzatziki and pita bread warm for a snack, we were not hungry after eating a late brunch. 

Went to Walmart for some groceries that I needed, gonna make lasagna for Sunday dinner, we have a friend coming over. 
I also made a apple crisp while we watched hockey, the apple crisp was so yummy. 
I also made one for Sunday lunch. 

Took a long hot bath, it was so relaxing, and my feet were aching and i needed to soak them. 

I didn't go to morning service as I was hurting all over, I'm wondering if I am coming down with a flu, hubby and Brooke has had one so I think I could possibly have caught that, I don't have any other flu like symptoms, except for aching and a horrible headache. 
Our friend still came over for lunch, he hung out with Andrew anyway while I went back to bed 
I did go to evening service and it was so nice to see friends again, they make me smile when I am having a day of feeing homesick, they are the family I have here. 
The view outside the church is so pretty right now:

Truly is the best time of the year. 


  1. I hope you start feel better soon. I love your photos.

  2. Your photos are beautiful! I hope you feel better!

  3. I can't wait to see our leaves change! Beautiful pictures.

  4. Beautiful pictures... I hope you'll feel better soon!

  5. The pictures are lovely - our leaves are still green in Texas. And lasagna sounds awesome! I might have to make some this weekend too.

  6. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Fall is my favorite season. It's just so beautiful. Hope you feel better!

  7. Beautiful pictures! And sounds like you had a lovely weekend. I really love fall too!


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