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Things I did not expect as an adult...

1) People will still bully you- sometimes adults are worst then kids 

2) The world is nuts and it is a big mess- don't believe me, check here 

3) I didn't expect that I would have so little time for myself.  My mom would love for 5 mins by her self, I never thought I would feel that way…. yet i love time alone, it is more frequent now that Brooke is 11 but from newborn to 8 it was tough. 

4) I didn’t realize how much laundry there would be and other chores and always wondered why mom needed us to help with dishes 

5) I had no idea that cooking meals 7 days a week was a real thing- I thought my mother did it just because she was a stay at home mom.. 

6) I had no idea how tired i would be after a day at work- I have an office job yet I am exhausted when I walk in the door. 

7) I had no idea how costly everything was/is. 

8) I didn’t realize how much I would fall in love with my husband each day

9) I had no idea how much I would need my siblings- My sister and I talk several times a day, my brother and I several times a week, we need each other to lean on 

10) I had no idea how much I annoyed my parents until I moved out and now they annoy me, I still love them off course. 

Anyone else feel this way?

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