Finding Quietness in a Noisy world

Silence. They say it's golden, but it is also rare. We are bombarded with noise nearly everywhere we go- blaring music, slamming doors, and revving engines and the softer but still intrusive, chirps and dings of technology. Is there anywhere in the world to find peace and quiet.

We have become so accustomed to noise that true silence can make us very uncomfortable. Can we sit quietly in a room with a friend without talking- and without feeling awkward? Can we sit contentedly alone in total silence? Our bodies and our souls need silence for health and refreshing.

Through out his ministry, Jesus consistently spent time alone. After his baptism and as his public ministry was about to begin, he spent 40 days alone in prayer and preparation ( Matthew 4:1-2) Again and again, we find Jesus separated himself from the crowds and even his disciples to spend time alone in prayer, " and when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into the mountain apart to pray and when the evening has come, he was there alone" ( Matthew 14:23)

We may not think that the Lord had stress or overload but I suspect he did. His human body felt the same fatigue, hunger, and demands as we do today. This is evident in his word to his disciples in Mark 6:31: And he said to them "Come aside by yourselves to a deserted place and rest a while. For there were many coming and coming, and they did not have time to eat"

Our inclination is to say" I just don't have the time to get away from everyone and everything, but there are ways to build silence into our day. If the Lord felt it was essential to fulfill his mission on earth, it is also essential for us to separate ourselves from the distractions of daily life. We can:

  • Rise up early before others in the household, or if not a morning person, stay up later
  • Find a peaceful place to walk such as a park trail or by water
  • Take an early morning prayer walk thru your neighborhood
  • Disconnect from all technology and media for part of each day, Ideally from 9:00 pm til after your morning prayer.
  • Designate a quiet nook in your home to read or study or journal.
  • Sit in silence and listen for the voice of God.
    As we learn to build time for silence and solitude into our schedule, we will find ourselves strengthened and refreshed in our daily life and into our spiritual life.


    1. I'm doing the first one as I write this!! I wake up 30min before the kids get up every morning, just so I can sit in peace and quiet (and enjoy my coffee!). It totally throws me off if they get up early and I don't get the time of 'silence'

    2. I loved this reminder. I enjoy my quiet time, on the roof of my apartment. It's where I hang my clothes out to dry. I get, not silence, but the sounds of nature and a view of the mountains.

    3. Hi Terri, This is so true. i also wrote a blogpost about the need to get rid of all the noise coming into our brains all the time. I love quiet with my Lord. Blessings, Amy

    4. Turning off the TV and spending time in the Word


    Thanks for the blogging Love

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