This week.

I just realized while sitting here drinking my candy cane hot chocolate that I scheduled no posts for this week, that's likely because I have been so taken up with planning our Christmas banquet that is happening on Saturday night at 6 pm, that I am in charge of. The decor will be so amazin

Today I took a vacation day for a dr appointment and a massage- I am having a me day and making dinner for a friend who just had surgery.

It was a super great weekend with some super great people, did a lot of yard work and preparing for winter because it is arriving very soon

I am working on a post that is coming right from  my heart and it will be very real and raw and how my momma heart is hurting and I cannot fix it.

That about does it for now for me I think.  I will pop back in on Friday with m y regular date night but the post will be few this week.

Cheers and Peace,


  1. Sometimes I have to remind myself that life is more than blogging. I just realized I forgot to preschedule some promotional posts for my post this week, and that it's not the end of the world.

  2. Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of a break from the norm! Blogging is not life!

  3. I agree. You need time for yourself and other things going on in your life. Enjoy your planning and celebrating. - Amy

  4. That drink looks delicious! And I completely believe in taking personal days when needed. Self care is so important!

  5. It's busy for me too. Nice cup of deliciousness you have!


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