Girl Talk 52 Weekly Devotions- Book review

Girl Talk 52 Weekly Devotions

By Lois Walfrid Johnson

This is a great book for  my 13 year old daughter, the devotions are great and thought provoking. 

From facing your fears to how following Jesus can change your life for the better, to being accepted and accepting yourself just the way you are, this book has most situations that a young girl would face as she grows up in this world as well as ways the characters have resolved the situation in a loving, Christian way. After each situation, it gives response questions to be answered, thought about, contemplated, and space to write down their answers. Fifty-two different scenarios, all with Godly examples of how to face scary situations, also showing how God works in different ways to bring us closer to Him.

I really liked the look of this devotional. I liked how it was set up as a story plus questions to do throughout the week to help girls think about the particular point the lesson was trying to get across. 
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