My Dream Dressing Room

Some day when I am rich and famous ( not sure what I am going to be famous for) but I want a big house and I want a big fancy dressing room, that is just mine, I want to make it really feminine, I am big on colors but there is something about Black and White that I love here are some items I picked out from an awesome living room furniture, home decor site to show you my dressing room.

There is something about this light that I fell in love with. Check out more lighting options here

I love both of these mirrors and I couldnt pick just one.

To bring some color into the room, I would love to go with this bright cherry rug

I love this white leather couch 
I feel like this chair would be the perfect chair to sit in, those winter mornings while trying to get ready for work, I wouldnt want to move from the fur 

I would love those 3 pictures one top of the other just like they are pictures here on the wall when you come in the door. 

This is more like what I am picturing for the clothing to be hung up like 

Take out the pink chair and replace it with my fur chair

I need those shelves for all my shoes, I am the girl of many shoes 

There ya have it, now I am really dreaming. 

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