Operation Surprise Party

July 29 is my Brooke's 14th birthday so I wanted to do something special for her, she had no idea what she wanted to do for her birthday.  So this momma threw her a surprise party with the help of her best friends. Thankfully I can access them on Facebook :)  She went to her friends for the day while we prepped the party. 

I am not a decorator.  It started out being a green, black theme but I added in other colors just because I am crazy like that 😔

Thankful for a swimming pool, we had pizza, swimming and cake 

She wanted ice cream cake 

Fresh out of the pool face 

My daughter collects giraffes, this picture made her so happy 

They got matching shirts with avocados saying " You are my other half" they have been Best friends since we moved here 

a few days ago while she was at the lake, her phone broke and she wanted a iphone. We are not an apple phone family but she got her wish. 

We will celebrate her actual BIRTHday on Saturday with family. 


  1. So cute! I really missed birthday parties after we stopped doing them around my 12th birthday.

  2. That looks like a perfect day for a sweet girl! Good job momma! It was simple, sweet, full of love and friendship. Excellent! Happy Birthday to your daughter!

  3. Happy Birthday, Brooke! Looks like you had a fun party!

  4. Awww! What a great surprise party for her. She looks so happy. Thanks for sharing a little piece of your life. - Amy

  5. Fun post. Really does remind me of my birthday parties that were longer ago than it seems.

  6. I love surprise parties! It makes them even more fun!

  7. Happy Birthday, Brooke! May you have a blessed year!


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