Falling apart to make room for new.

Fall seems to be the time of year when homeowners are doing home renovations, clearing out the old and bringing in new come spring. 

The only problem is, what do you do with the trash, the old wood, and other stuff that comes down when you bring down an old building... 
My husband is planning his new garage, and we are hiring a waste disposal truck because otherwise it will be too much to bring to the landfill and you have to pay for every trip you make, so why not have a truck come in that will take it all the first time. 
In fact, we are going to rent a dumpster for a few days while we take it all down so we can put the garbage in while we take it down, these dumpsters will stay in your yard until you are all done. 

I was researching and I came across Eagle Dumpster Rental and knew for sure this was a great option and one we would be interested in. 

A little about Eagle Dumpster Rental is dedicated to being the leading Philadelphia dumpster rental, junk removal, and trash hauling service in the area. We pride ourselves on our reliability, affordability, flexibility, and professionalism for all of our residential, commercial, and contractor customers. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our desire is to provide our neighbors with the excellent service they have come to expect. At Eagle Dumpster Rental, we want to make sure that your project is done on time, as safely as possible, and that all waste is removed and disposed of safely and legally. We offer a variety of junk removal and trash hauling services. We can provide you with the equipment your team needs to make sure all debris is contained and disposed of properly. Whether you’re in need of small dumpster such as a 
10 yard dumpster or the biggest dumpster, a 40 yard dumpster, we are the company you’re looking for. 

Our 10 cubic yard dumpsters can hold 10 cubic yards of debris, materials, and other waste. Our smallest dumpsters are approximately 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet high. However, we offer dumpsters from multiple manufacturers, and size varies between manufacturers. A 10 cubic yard dumpster is appropriate for small residential projects and minor cleanups like:

Cleaning out a garage or single room
250 square feet deck removals
1500 square feet of roof shingles (single layer)
Small kitchen or bathroom renovations

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