How to Throw the Best Halloween Party This Year

Despite its gruesome origins, Halloween is often considered to be a children’s holiday. After all, dressing up as a superhero and asking strangers for candy only makes sense when you’re a kid. However, there’s been a shift in this cultural stigma lately, as more and more people in their twenties, thirties, and even forties are celebrating Halloween. But instead of cheap costumes and chocolate, these celebrations are chic and elaborate. If you are one of those people who are planning to organize a Halloween bash this year, here are some tips to help you throw the best spooky and stylish Halloween party.

Choose a specific theme
You can always choose a traditional approach and let your guests have complete creative freedom when it comes to their costumes and opt for classic Halloween music and decorations. However, if you want to get creative, you can choose a specific theme for your Halloween party. Whether you choose standard costumes, like zombies and vampires, or something more unconventional, such as Disney characters, just think about what kind of a party you want it to be, and you will figure out your theme more easily. Costume themes are a great way to unify a party, as most people can put together a simple, fun outfit that fits, whether it’s a scary movie everyone loves, or something more interpretative, like abstract ideas, puns or unrelated combinations. This takes the pressure off of having the perfect Halloween costume and gives everyone the option to choose a fun, silly one.

Find the perfect costume

Depending on the chosen party theme, there are countless costume options you can choose from. The
best advice would be to plan ahead and, instead of just buying a ready-made costume, look through old clothes in your basement or dig through a flea market in order to find something unusual. Don’t think that only a costume is enough; always spend some time on your hair and makeup to match the theme completely and pay attention to details. You can add spooky novelty contact lenses to your look or paint some scars and scabs on your skin, to make sure you’re completely transformed into your chosen character.

Go for more interesting versions of classic activities
You can hold a costume contest at your party, but this time up the stakes and have an incentive, such as a gift card to your favorite restaurant as a prize. People will be more likely to go all out with their
costumes if there is a prize to be won. If bobbing for apples might seem overdone, eating gummy worms or gummy spiders without your hands might be a fun take on this classic game. You can also hold a mummifying contest to see who can wrap each other in toilet paper first. The great thing about
throwing a party is that it’s your own, so don’t be afraid to improvise and come up with your own
Halloween activities.

Set the mood with decorations

Black and orange plates, cups, and streamers are a must for any Halloween party. Don’t forget to add a few carved pumpkins, of course, and set the mood light using only candles. Eyeball erasers and tiny
pumpkins also make great table décor, but skeleton string lights and cobwebs will take your party
decoration to a whole new level. If you really want to commit to the Halloween themed décor, a great
idea would be to scribble a spooky message on your bathroom mirror with some red lipstick, then
discretely visit the bathroom a couple of times during the night to change the message into something
even more terrifying, until one of your guests nervously remarks that it’s not funny anymore.

A killer playlist for a killer party
If you chose a specific theme, a scary movie for example, then your playlist should definitely consist of some memorable tracks from the soundtrack, mixed up with some classic Halloween songs. You can always go for Halloween hits, such as ‘Thriller’, ‘Monster Mash’ and the Ghostbusters’ theme, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. There are many ‘80s and ‘90s songs that can be interpreted as Halloween hits and, honestly, the cheesier they are, the better.

Don’t forget about the snacks

The best way to complete a Halloween party is with some themed snacks. Whether you opt for a
pumpkin pie, a dirt pudding or bat and cat cookies decorated with licorice and candy corn, just don’t
forget to set aside some Halloween candy, along with the classic punch bowl, to make sure you have a variety of colors and options on your table.

Have a spooktacular Halloween!

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