9 years and still alive and kicking

9 years ago I walked into the mall with my daughter and I suddenly took a sharp pain on the right side of my chest and it was hard to breathe
I knew something was wrong so I went into the pharmacy and asked if they had advice he said I need to go to ER as I didn't look well.

Called Andrew to come to get me and he took me directly to ER where I breezed through triage and my vitals were wonky so I got right into a room.

They immediately ordered tests and a dr came in but wasn't sure... He said something about leukemia and I'm not sure what his words were exactly.

I was in panic mode because the L word scared me... I called my parents who drove 8 hours through the night to be here...

The next day it was confirmed I had a growth on my chest cavity blocking a breathing tube... They wanted to drain it but could not put me to sleep. I will never forget laying on the OR bed couldn't move because one wrong move could puncture a lung. ( I will spare the details of all I heard while it was being drained)

I got discharged the next day... They were sure I would be ok going forward...1 week later I am admitted again.

This time I was told lung surgery was being scheduled for me.

The surgery was Oct 6. I'll write about that at that time because that is quite the story.

So thankful for a God who saw fit to let me live and who gave me peace.

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