Keeping The Romance Alive After The Birth Of Your Baby

The arrival of your baby is a happy and special time for you and your family. It can be all-consuming, affecting your sleep, your eating, and of course, your relationship. The lack of sleep is enough to make you both grumpy, and you’ll both be so busy you’ll barely have time for each other. 

But on this new journey you’re sharing together, it’s important that you build a strong bond and make time for each other. While the baby will be a big change for you, you’re still a couple who love each other.

Take a look at some of the ways you can keep the romance alive after the birth of your baby.

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Make the time

It can feel as though there’s no time for anything except the baby, but even if you can only spare a short amount of time to spend with your partner, do it. From having breakfast together to a cuddle before bed, it’s important that you make the time. Take advantage of those little moments that you get to spend time together, it will help you keep that emotional connection that will get you through the toughest times.

Talk to each other

It’s good to talk, and that’s why it’s vital that you make time to speak to each other and try to make it about something other than the baby! A lunchtime phone call while your partner’s at work, or some texts back and forth during the day are another great way to communicate. Try to talk over dinner and check in on how each other’s doing - it could make a big difference. Talking about each other’s days can help you to de-stress and can help you spot when your partner might be struggling.

Meanwhile, if you’re having issues, try to talk about them at a time when you’re not exhausted and likely to get angry. Some quality time to work through your issues is important and could lead to a faster resolution. Check out some little ways of improving communication in your relationship that will benefit you post-baby.

Make the most of naptime

Naptime is precious time for your family. When your baby’s napping, there’s a lot of things you can do with this time. From resting yourselves to enjoying some time in the bedroom, you can use nap ime to connect and focus on the two of you. Why not treat yourselves to some Durex toys and have a bit of fun? It’s important not to lose the intimacy in your relationship.

But putting the baby down for a nap isn’t always as straightforward as it sounds. If you struggle with your baby’s afternoon nap, why not check out daytime sleep tips to help give you more time during the day. 

Do something nice for your partner

It’s those little gestures that help keep the romance alive. Something as nice as being cooked for, having a bath run or even just a small gift like a candy bar are nice things you can do for your partner. Get some inspiration from this list of small gestures that can keep the sparks flying

Keep doing the things you love doing together

When a baby comes along, things like hobbies can go out the window. But it’s key that you remember that you were people with interests and personalities before the baby was born. What sorts of things did you and your partner love doing before? Whether it was watching a box set, exercising together or heading out for dinner - try to do these things when you can. While a baby can completely change your routine, they need to adapt to your life in addition to the other way around.

Count to ten

When you’re frustrated, suffering from cabin fever or are simply feeling tired, a bit of anger is inevitable. But if you snap or start arguing with your partner, it could lead to issues that don’t need to be there. When you’re feeling angry about something, try counting to ten or some other anger management techniques to cool off. You’ll likely find that the problem isn’t as big as you think it is, and you can sleep on things to wake up to a more positive perspective. 

Find babysitters

Every parent needs some time off from parenting, so taking the time to enjoy a night out or lunch together can help keep your relationship on track. Perhaps there’s a relative who can help you out, or a friend who’s eager to do some babysitting? If all else fails, it can be worth it to pay for someone to babysit for you and give you some much-needed quality time together. 

One of the best ways to help you stick to a date night is to plan it in advance. Get somebody to agree to babysit on a certain date (with a backup if necessary), and get some plans in place! Try not to cancel, or you’ll get into some bad habits where your relationship time falls down your priorities list.

Enjoy a date night at home

Date nights can feel few and far between after having a baby. So why not have some at-home date nights instead? There are all kinds of things you can do for your date night at home, including playing games, making dinner together and even watching Netflix. Put the baby to bed and forget about your other chores and responsibilities, enjoy some dates at home instead. You could even get dressed up to make it feel more like a real date!

Having a baby is a rollercoaster, filled with different emotions as well as ups and downs. Maintaining a strong relationship can make it easier, which is why it’s important to make some time for romance. Want some more relationship advice? Take a look at ten habits of happy couples to give you some more ideas for keeping your relationship strong.

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