Simplify Your Business Travel: 9 Smart Life-Saving Hacks

Are you often obliged to take business trips? Well, then you probably know just how tricky it is to stay sane and healthy on the road. Luckily, there are a few hacks that can make your business trips simple and practical—these are literal life-savers, so take a look. 

Make sure your documentation is in order 

This will not only ensure you can take your trip, but it will make every airport and border visit quicker, smoother and less stressful. Ensure your passport is valid not only on the date of your trip but even after you come back (the USA government requires your passport to be valid for at least six months AFTER you return home). Check in advance whether you need visas or certain Ministry invitations for your business trip.

Come up with a good routine

A good routine will set you free! Make sure to leave plenty of time between appointments to avoid the rush and keep all your possessions neatly packed in separate bags so that you always know where to reach for your things. Every time you wake up away from home, try to stay true to your regular habits—this will make you feel more “at home” and allow you to get back on track when you return home. 

Have your travel bags ready at all times

Keep your suitcases packed at all times to reduce the stress of packing. If you take shorter business trips, it’s enough to have a pre-packed toiletry bag and a small backpack waiting to be grabbed. This will ensure you never forget anything and allow you to be ready to embark in literal minutes. Pack a few comfort items as well, they will definitely come in handy. 

Arrive early everywhere

Hit the airport early, go to the city early and come to your meeting early. Business travel is full of unexpected things—flight delays, gate changes, long lines, traffic—so you need to learn how to jump over your obstacles even before they come along. By giving yourself plenty of wiggle room when it comes to time, you will reduce stress and exhaustion. And while you wait, you can catch up with work, answer emails, finish writing your blog post or edit your column. 

Get practical accommodation

If your business trip lasts longer than a few days, consider renting a small apartment. This will give you plenty of freedom, give you an opportunity to practice healthy living and allow the best relaxation after a long day at the office. Wherever you go, you can find cute studios for rent and get some sort of semblance of your life at home. Having a place of your own will do wonders for your mental and physical health, so don’t hesitate to rent! 

Get a SENTRI card 

If you live in the U.S., make sure to get a SENTRI card from the Department of Homeland Security. With this cheap addition to your wallet will allow you to use expedited lanes at the U.S. airports and international borders. Boarding is quicker and you can skip all those long lines at Customs when arriving. When you’re utterly exhausted, you’ll love these little perks. 

Handle your sleep issues

Not getting enough sleep is one of the most troublesome issues for frequent travelers. Jet lag, new beds, unhealthy food and insufficient hydration all add to your sleep deficiency. So, in order to be able to catch plenty of Zs while away from home, try getting some supplements which will encourage sleep and fight jet lag. Supplements like melatonin, magnesium and valerian root drops will calm your nerves and encourage good sleep. 

Bring a multi-device charger

You probably have a smartphone filled with apps and important contacts, a laptop with business documents, maybe even a tablet for presentations—all of these require daily charging which can result with you drowning in cables. So, in order to simplify your travels, grab a multi-device charger which will free up plenty of room in your suitcase and ditch all those unnecessary cords. 

Organize your spending 

Most of us organize travel expenses when we come back home, but that’s an amateur way. Instead, try managing your spending while you’re still away. In order to make this a little easier, download an app that lets you photograph receipts and save them on your phone. This will keep you ready for tax season and allow you to fully relax once you get back from your business trip. 
With these tips in mind, you’ll actually look forward to your business trips and be at the top of your game while impressing all your associates and potential clients. 

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