Taking Care Of Yourself During The Coronavirus Outbreak

2020 so far, has been, well, an interesting year. Catastrophic storms in Europe, devastating fires in Australia, and of course, the ongoing outbreak of Coronavirus - it really all has been happening.

With all of this going on, it is safe to say that the world has felt like it has been turned upside down. Who would have thought that entire countries would go into lockdown, that we would be wearing masks as a matter of routine and staying two-meters apart from our loved ones? You could easily be forgiven if, at this time, your stress and anxiety levels are running a little on the high side. It is perfectly normal, and you are far from the only person feeling this way.

However, it is vital that you take steps to look after yourself during the pandemic, and in life going forward. We are not just talking about taking steps to protect yourself from the virus but also about taking care of your overall physical and mental health. Here, we look at some of the things that you can do to take care of yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak.
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Stay active

In many places, gyms and other fitness and sports classes and facilities have been closed, and team sports banned or discouraged, so if this is how you get your fitness fix, you may be struggling. While it is far from ideal, there are plenty of things that you can do at home to stay fit, and you never know; you may find something that you enjoy. Perhaps try an online fitness class or Yoga - lots of places offer them via Zoom or look out for workouts on YouTube. You can also go out for a good ol' fashioned run around the block - maintaining a social distance from other pedestrians, of course.

Eat well


It can be very tempting to reach for the cookie tin or call for takeout, especially if you are worried about going out to the shops. However, while the odd treat here and there is okay - necessary, sometimes as part of self-care - a poor diet will make you feel sluggish and lack energy and motivation. Stock up on fresh fruit and healthy homemade snacks such as flapjacks and muffins, and drink plenty of water. For a bit of a boost, cbg oil can be beneficial.

Stay in touch with friends and family


Depending on where you live, there may be rules and restrictions about seeing people, which can be tough on mental health. However, just because you can't see someone in person doesn't mean that you can't stay in touch. You need to be a little more creative! Video calling has become huge in the last few months, not just between business colleagues but with friends and families having virtual parties and even sharing a meal.

It is just as important to protect your mental health and general physical health at this very unusual and challenging time as it is to stop the spread of the virus. These tips will help you to do both.

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