How to Make Your Home a Haven

Your home should be somewhere you feel safe, sheltered, and energized. A great living environment will not only relax you but help you feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the world. Recently, many of us have been reawakened to the value of our houses, and for a lot of people still sheltering, your home may have become your entire world for the time being. However, a home that gives you energy and joy is a lot easier to describe than it is to create. We lead busy lives, and our homes can suffer as a result. This takes many forms - clutter, mess, stains, bad organization that we’ve never had time to fix - and these are all the natural effects of living somewhere. After all, perfectly clean, minimalist homes only exist in brochures and celebrity walk-throughs! However, there are some particular areas in your home that can have a huge effect on its general atmosphere. If you’re looking to create a haven of fresh, energized relaxation without resorting to a complete overhaul, these are the places to focus on.

Windows and Doorways

As they are not within a room itself, we can often forget about the importance of windows and doorways. They are vitally important areas when it comes to the atmosphere of your house in general. Doorways are how you first experience a new space, and windows are your connection to the outside world. We’ve all heard how important first impressions are, and it is no different when it comes to your house. Have you ever had a door lock that always got stuck or a wooden door that swelled up in the winter, making it almost impossible to open and close? Presenting yourself with a stressful situation such as this before you’ve even entered your home does not help to promote feelings of relaxation and joy - and yet they are problems that are often ignored. Hiring a locksmith to fix your lock, or even looking at new doors, is the first step towards a home you can be proud of. As for windows, remembering to keep them clean can be difficult, but it is definitely worth it. You will be shocked and delighted at how much natural light you’re letting into your home with sparkling clean windows - if anything can completely transform the energy of a room, this is certainly it.


The bathroom is an often-neglected area of the house. After all, it’s easy to forget about. It’s probably the room where you spend the least amount of time, and you don’t socialize or have family-time within it. It is a functional space, and you can easily fall into the trap of treating it as you would your airing-cupboard or a storage room. This is the biggest mistake you can make! Your bathroom is where you clean yourself and prepare for the day ahead, or for your night of beauty sleep, and it’s therefore psychologically one of the most important places in your house. Showering and cleaning yourself in a slightly grubby location will not help you relax - on the other hand, if your bathroom is sparkling, airy, and fresh, you will feel like a queen every time you step inside. Don’t forget to get the basics right. You can visit plumbersstock.com if you think you need an upgrade on any equipment to get that water pressure high, or that drainage system working beautifully. After that, make sure you’re investing in great extraction to avoid mold and keep your bathroom airy with tiling, pale colors, and as much natural light as you can conjure. 


Much like the bathroom, the kitchen can come to be seen as a place of functionality. However, it’s so much more than this - it’s where you prepare food for your family, and that makes it the central hub of any home. It can also feel nigh-on impossible to keep a kitchen clean. There are always crumbs everywhere, no matter how often you wipe your surfaces, right? The key to a kitchen you’ll fall in love with isn’t marble counters, stylish lighting, and super-posh devices. It is in good organization, practical materials, and plenty of workspace. Some elements, such as beautiful flagstone flooring, can look desirable, but they are actually a nightmare to clean, as dirt will collect in every nook and cranny. When faced with the task of creating a kitchen you’ll love for years to come, look for smooth materials, smart shelving solutions, and invest in the best anti-splatter shield you can get your hands on. It’s these little touches that will help create a space you are desperate to spend time in.

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