Change Your Lifestyle To Beat Those Anxieties

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Anxiety can be connected to a plethora of conditions. Sometimes it is just a standalone condition and other times it may be connected to other things such as hormones. You might suspect that you could have a hormone imbalance, but you're not sure where to start. There are many signs that you could be getting too much or too little of a particular hormone. For example, you could be feeling tired all the time, or you could experience insomnia. Maybe you're feeling forgetful, you have acne, or you're gaining weight. Anxiety, depression and irritability could all be signs so it may be good to get yourself checked out. Either way, talking to a doctor is going to assist you with the first steps of beating your anxiety.

Your mind tells you what’s going on

Your mind will let you know how you’re feeling and it may also let you know when it’s stressed. That is because our brains release a hormone when we are feeling this way. Cortisol is one of the hormones that are released when we're stressed. If you're stressed all the time, these hormones can have an effect on your body and it can make life in general harder. They can even affect your brain, you may struggle to remember or to learn new things. There's some evidence they could permanently damage brain cells too so it’s important that you try and manage it the best that you can. You can find yourself feeling forgetful or struggling to understand something, it is known as brain fog. It can be worrying, but you probably need to reduce your levels of stress.  Getting your hormones balanced could solve a number of health problems so be sure to get some blood tests first. Once you have done so, you are going to need to look at a way to control your stress. Easier said than done though, right? Finding ways to manage stress is essential for everyone but there are ways to help.

  1. Exercising - this could be sports or even something such as gardening. Doing things you enjoy will exercise your mind and help you let go of stress.
  2. Taking supplements- CBD is a great supplement and with Terpenes you can look at a range of products to easily slip into your lifestyle, you can get them here
  3. Join classes - look at something that you enjoy, perhaps a hobby that can help distract you. Maybe you want to look at poetry or pottery or art classes. The options are endless.
  4. Join groups online - talk to others who suffer from the same thing as you as you will find lots of information there relating to it. It doesn’t have to be difficult and you should never suffer alone! 
  5. Talk and listen -allow people in. Don’t shelter yourself and shy away from life because this is going to make you feel more alienated and you could even lose friends. Start to socialise in small bursts and speak about how you feel; you will find people are going to be receptive. 

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