How to Maximize Space When You Live in a Tiny House

Living in a small house can be a wonderful experience. It is often cheaper and more energy-efficient than a larger property, and you’ll spend far less on your monthly bills. It is also far easier to clean and decorate so you can spend more time on the things that matter to you. If you live with family, it can be hugely beneficial to your relationships as the smaller space forces you to spend more quality time with each other and work around each other’s differences.

It is a more simple lifestyle, but for this very reason, it can take a bit of work to condense your life down into this small space. We live in a materialistic culture, where things are often valued more highly than experiences and ways of living. A tiny living space will not accommodate this mindset. You will need to decide what you value most and trim the unnecessary aspects of your life.

Perhaps you live in a small house and need more space to start a family, or maybe you are moving into a tiny apartment for the first time. Either way, you may be struggling to work out how you will have enough space for everything you need. Fear not. With good organization skills and some small lifestyle changes, you will flourish and thrive in your minimalist home with no regrets.


Living in a confined space requires a simple lifestyle. If you are the type of person that always needs the latest gadgets and hoards your possessions in case they’re ever needed, you will struggle. Decluttering your lifestyle will enable you to eradicate items that provide minimal value or joy in your life while making room for the things that really matter. Clothes you don’t wear, stacks of old CDs and DVDs, papers piling up in a drawer: these are typical examples of household clutter that doesn’t need to be there.

Build good daily habits that minimize mess in your home. Wash dishes immediately after you use them and clear the surfaces and counters every night. This will ensure your home is spacious and tidy at all times, no matter how small it is.

Be creative with storage

When you are constrained by size, you need to be smart with your storage solutions. For all items that you have deemed necessary, there must be an assigned space for it to live that minimizes clutter. Vertical storage such as high shelving is a great way to keep rarely-used but essential items out of the way, and space-efficient storage solutions like plastic containers can be tucked neatly in a cupboard or under the bed. For optimum space, aim to keep floors clear of objects.

For more drastic space-saving methods, you could even consider installing underfloor or under-stair storage space, or a Murphy Bed that folds up into the wall (for more info read 5 Great Reasons to Purchase a Murphy Bed).

Set restrictions

Even when you have decluttered and found a place to store everything, it is hard to prevent stuff from accumulating. Perhaps children bring things home from school, or you fail to resist the temptations of a half-price sale. For your minimalist lifestyle to work, you need to impose harsh restrictions on what you bring into your house. Is the clutter worth it?

Living well in a small house can be a challenge, but with the right amount of organization and creativity, it can be a fantastically freeing way to live.

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