These Organization Tips will make for a Stress-free Move'

Moving. Just the thought of relocating might send shivers down your spine. If it does, you’re not alone! Whether you’re relocating across town, moving your business from one building to another, or moving your entire life across countries, there are ways to make the transition a little easier. The stress of moving itself is typically compounded with a slew of unknowns: not knowing what teachers your kids will have at new schools, being unsure of how long your commute will take in rush hour, and whether your neighbors will be your new best friends or new worst enemies. 

How can you organize your relocation to make it as stress-free as possible? With this handful of tips, you’ll be on your way to unpacking your belongings into your new home in no time flat. 
Create a relocation budget. Moving isn’t cheap. Being prepared for your move financially will place you in a much less stressful spot than if you’re suddenly surprised by all the added fees. If moving into a rental, be prepared for deposits like cleaning fees, and first and last month deposit. If you’re moving into a home you’re purchasing, be aware of the cost of things like renting a moving truck or purchasing cardboard moving boxes and tape.  If you’re moving entire cities, make sure to research the price difference of basic costs of living so you can account for any substantial changes. 
Look into a company like Atlanta Home Movers LLC  for the actual moving day. This can reduce the costs of renting your own truck and packing boxes (since many of them include them in moving packages,) and you won’t be on the receiving end of a very heavy couch.
Be organized; labeling boxes isn’t fun, but it is incredibly useful, especially if you have a moving company unloading your boxes into your home. If your work team is relocating offices, provide boxes for each employee and have them dismantle their desks and place their belongings into their boxes with their names clearly labeled. This will help with confusion the following workday when everyone is getting settled into their new spaces. 
Plan in advance. Decide which boxes or furniture is most important to be set up on moving day. Usually, this means having your beds put together, any work-from-home necessities easily accessible for the next day. If you need that coffee maker plugged in the following day before you’ll even consider unpacking a box, make sure it’s labeled clearly. 
Pre-cook food if you’re trying to stick to a budget. Pizza on moving day is pretty traditional in a lot of households, but there’s something entirely rewarding about being able to shower off after a dusty and sweaty day of unpacking, sitting in your own dining room, and eating a warm (albeit re-heated) meal. Just make it an easy meal to clean up, since you’re going to be doing a lot of cleaning up and unpacking over several days. And, be sure to pack those wine glasses with your meal, since you’re likely going to want a glass of wine after a long moving day. 

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