Home Maintenance Chores To Tackle This Summer

Hurray for the summer, the season of BBQs, and some much needed holiday time. But before you start to enjoy yourself too much, there are just a few summer maintenance jobs that it’s best to tackle now!

1 . Beautify your garden

When the sun is shining, we all want to spend plenty of time in the garden, whether garden gatherings or playing with the kids. First things first, your garden may need a little spruce up to create a relaxing space. Get rid of the weeds, mow your lawn, and plant some colorful flowers. Flowers like Coreopsis, Nasturtiums, or Morning Glories are all ideal for your summer garden. For some great tips and motivation, try using the Gardentags app, here you’ll find great advice on plant care, pests, and weeds. Garden Answers is another useful application, helping you to create the perfect garden.

2. Scrub your windows

Summer is the ideal time to give your windows a deep clean, and you don’t even need special cleaning products to do so. Add 4 cups of white vinegar to a large bucket of warm water and use the solution to scrub your windows inside and out. If you do prefer to purchase a cleaning solution, try green cleaners made of plant-based ingredients. To ensure that your windows are streak-free, try using cloths made of microfibre.

3. Keep pests out

You’ve probably noticed that pests try to sneak their way into your home during the summer time. There are several natural remedies you can use to keep pests out of the house. First up, there are many essential oils that pests just hate, including lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus. Try applying the oils to a cloth and rubbing the scent on your surfaces and along edges of the floor. You could also try using diatomaceous earth; it's a special sand that is made out of fossilized algae. Simply sprinkle the earth along the entrances to your home, including the edges of doorways and windows.

4. Check your air con

Air conditioning units are our saviors during the summer months! If your air conditioning unit needs a repair, it’s wise to call an Air conditioning service now before the temperature gets even hotter. If you don’t already have an air conditioner, you might want to consider investing in one. With an air-con, you’ll keep your home cool and reduce the risk of feeling uncomfortable or dehydrated. You will need to clean out your air-con filter at least every two weeks yourself (unless you have a self-cleaning air conditioner) or you can call an air conditioning contractor to do it for you.

5. Clean out your gutters

Over the course of the year, our gutters can collect dead leaves and other debris. Leaving your gutters clogged can result in leaks in your roof and damage to your property. Now that the weather is nice, take the opportunity to get outside and clean your gutters. Remember to pay close attention to safety when using ladders. You can always call in a professional such as https://www.mastershieldatl.com/ if you’re not comfortable going up on your roof.

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