Some Quirky Celebrations In The Month Of July

Looking for something to do now that many holidays are canceled? Join the queue because you’re not the only one. Since most people go on their summer holidays in July, wouldn’t it be great if you could still have something to celebrate during this month? Well, come to think of, there are plenty of things to be happy about. Oh, Canada! On the very first day of July, Canada Day is celebrated across the world. It's largely a day of celebration in, you guessed it, Canada, but if you’re from the Commonwealth, it will be a great day to party for you too. Most people in the UK, Australia and New Zealand have or know someone who has a shared heritage with someone from the northern land of ice and snow. Canada Day is a public holiday and there are many events you could attend if you were in the country. Instead, you can watch live streams online and see the different attractions, artists and events that the great people of Canada are enjoying. Put some maple on your apple and dig in! They’re already here...probably On July 2, it's World UFO Day. No, really, it's not a joke. Once upon a time, this was a day of kidding and laughter, where the public could talk about extraterrestrial life, whether or not we have or will ever be contacted by aliens and generally, learn more about astronomy. But, ever since the US Navy released UFO footage from an F-18 Hornet fighter-bomber carrier jet, we’re not laughing so hard. This is a real phenomenon, no one can explain what they are watching. It's a tic-tac-shaped aircraft of some kind. It doesn’t have a heat signature and the US Navy pilots couldn’t pick up how fast it was going. It's really quite bizarre and you can expect to see this footage be shared all over the internet on July 2. Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas to one and all! Wait, it’s July, right? Yes, some people in Australia do celebrate Christmas in July. it's not that it's actually Christmas but they tend to get colder weather at this time of year as the Western-European nations are experiencing spring and summer. If you feel like having two Christmases this year, why not put on a wintery jumper? Bear snowman and or reindeer on your chest and snuggle up on your patio with your friends. You may even want to cook a Christmas meal because, hey why not!? After all, since holidays are canceled for most people, why not just cook a giant turkey to make up for it? Chocolate fudge or vanilla swirl? On July 19, it's World Ice Cream Day! It will be hot, sweaty and dry because it's the dead of summer. Gauging on ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, might be the cure to the heatwaves around the world. Make this a day of self-indulgence and don’t hold back. See, it's not all bad. It won’t be as boring a summer as we thought it would be because there’s so much fun to be had with these holidays.

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