Putting Together a Practical Renovation Toolbox

Getting into home DIY is easy when you have a goal to focus on and some tools and materials around. However, for a lot of people that are just getting into DIY, there’s a good chance that you don’t actually have many useful tools or materials just sitting in your garage. That’s why we believe it’s important to be prepared for DIY and to have a practical renovation toolbox around so that you can get to work and fix up or even build your house without having to constantly go back and forth from your local hardware store.

So here’s our practical list of tools and materials to have in a renovation toolbox. 

Must-have tools

To make this article clearer we’re going to talk about must-have tools, nice-to-have tools and tools you really don’t need. Let’s start with the must-have tools.

  • Cordless drill - Absolutely necessary for the large majority of work that you’ll be performing. Keep in mind that a hammer drill is a completely different thing and used in different situations, but just as crucial as a regular cordless drill.

  • Sturdy ladder - It doesn’t need to be something fancy. As long as it holds your weight and can be easily moved around, it’s good enough!

  • Set of screwdrivers - Absolutely crucial for a lot of DIY work and we suggest getting a sturdy set with lots of different screw sizes and bits.

  • Tape measure - Critical for anything that involves tight measurements, such as measuring shelves to go on your wall.

  • Spirit level - Nobody likes a slanted shelf or painting, so get yourself a spirit level that doubles as a ruler.

  • Extension cables - Necessary for any tools that aren’t cordless, such as a powerful hammer drill or a corded vacuum cleaner for cleanup.

  • Specific materials for the job - We wouldn’t suggest carrying around several cans of paint in the event that you might need it for something. Instead, we would recommend having a few useful materials such as drywall tape, sealant and a set of random screws for most jobs. However, you’ll likely need to go to the hardware store for specific materials at some point.

Nice-to-have tools

  • Workshop tools - Whether it’s a workbench, jigsaw, mitre saw or generally anything that can cut plastic and wood, these are incredibly nice to have if you have a lot of space and want to get into building your own furniture pieces.

  • Painting stuff - Paint cans, mixers, brushes and so on are great if you plan to paint as part of your home renovations, but they’re not necessary in a large majority of DIY projects so you can safely skip it in many cases.

Tools you really don’t need

  • Adjustable wrench - These things come loose on their own incredibly quickly, especially if it’s something off-brand.

  • Decorative tools - Whether it’s a fancy hammer or decorative screwdrivers, these things are going to get dirty and lose their unique patterns. DIY isn’t a fashion statement, so don’t waste money on these!

  • Magnetic stud finder - These tend to be incredibly inaccurate and useless. There are plenty of ways to find a wall stud without spending money on an inaccurate tool.

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